Thursday, October 8, 2009

Over a Cup of Tea

By now you must have guessed what I want to write about today. The title of this blog will give you the clue. By the way it is late afternoon and I’m sitting with my cup of tea. I like to have my evening tea, if I’m right it will be wrong to say evening for the falling rays of the sun will deny the fact that it’s evening. I will rightly tag this time, late afternoon and early evening. And here again I leave you guessing about noon and evening.

Most Bengalis love the Adda time. Adda has become such a common word, you can find Big B writing his blogs on Addabaji is very common not only among Bengali youths but among the bhadralok and bhadra mahilas also. The adda is most enjoyed over a cup of tea. Here I say tea, as I prefer tea to coffee.

I always feel tea has a cousin in coffee. Why not they both energise the body and mind. The first thing in the morning is a cup of tea. I prefer my tea after my morning nitya karma is over. Nitya karma, in simple words, sometime spent in the bathroom. Why should I hate those who love to drink their tea in bed? Angreziri style ‘Bed Tea’ is their preference without even brushing their teeth. But never heard a dentist speak against it, maybe it does not harm the teeth.

As the lady of the house, I pity me for I have to make my morning cuppa and for others too. I love my travel days when I get my first cup of tea in the morning served by someone else. At times I feel the tea I make is not worth drinking. Why? For that answer I need to do some thinking. Not now, maybe sometime later on.

My sister says my tea tastes too sweet. Even my mother-in-law said the same. After all they prefer 1 tsp of sugar but 2 tsp is fine for me. Aap ruchi khana par ruchi pahanna this saying fits in correctly for my taste. Why not, every person has his/her own taste buds. I use the Brooke Bond Red Label which was used in my Ma’s kitchen and I have stuck to this brand till date. Recently a friend brought Dhruba leaf tea which I have mixed with my usual brand in 50:50 proportions to get the flavour and colour.

My friend once told me to drink my morning tea without milk as this helps prevent tooth problem (cavities). But I don’t like black tea. And the lemon tea a favourite of many has never gone down well with my taste buds.

I am not a tea addict. One cup in the morning and one in the evening is enough for my day. For courtesy sake I drink an extra cup when offered by friends or relatives. In winter I don’t mind an extra cup or two. Something makes me smile at this moment. Children dip biscuits into their mother’s tea cups and eat them. Even I have done so and so also my children.

Having finished my last drop from the cup I think I can also wrap up my words for today.


  1. Hi Gauri
    nice to know about you...even i am a tea about tea n i have at least 4 types of tea leaves always in my pantry....
    thanks for stopping by my blog ...i love bengali food n would be nice to see them all on this space...bhalo theko...

  2. Sangeeta, really pleased to see you here. As always there can be so much to chat over a cup of it at home, a friends place and even on a space on the net (smiles)

    ...and of course can share our food thoughts here and there at your place...don't forget to visit again.
    Khoob bhalo laglo katha bole.

  3. So good to see a (sur)namesake in the blogging world!! I love my morning & evening cup of tea too....

  4. Nice to see you here dear..though not over a cup of cha.