Monday, October 19, 2009

Soup da Quicky

Everyone was in a mood for a bowl of soup. To be very frank, I desired for it too but was in no mood to go to the kitchen. Seeing the father and son duo look at one another and then again at me, I could read their thought…a mom…a wife…could not keep them waiting.

I was in a frame of mind to cheat them and out came my words, “A Soup da Quicky will do”. They shared their looks with one another for few seconds and son said, “Of course something new will do”. And Mom…this bechari me…soon moved into action. Not a military command but one of love that adorn the heart of every wife and mom.

From the kitchen cupboard I brought out the four pack Maggi Vegetable Atta Noodles packet which I had got with this months grocery. Opened the fridge and took out the bowl of Knoor Vegetable Hara Bhara soup…leftover of the previous day.

And soon I got busy…into action…in the kitchen..

To tell you how I did it, simple method.


Two Maggi vegetable Atta Noodles

1 bowl ( medium size) of leftover Knoor Vegetable Hara Bhara soup.


Poured 3½ cups of water in a pan.

Added 2 pouches of the taste maker and gave it a stir and let the water boil.

In the meantime broke the noodles into 1 inch size.

Once the water started boiling added the noodles.

Stirred it from time to time.

As I had added extra water than recommended in the instruction, I had to check the noodles to see they were done.

Then added the soup I had taken out from the fridge and mixed it well.

Let it boil for a couple of minutes and then switched off the gas.

Soup bowls ready to be served within 10 minutes.

My son said, “Ma, yummy for the tummy, love the name too”. It was indeed a lazy effort but the result was…all smiles.


  1. collect ur awards from my blog dear.

  2. Prasu, thanks for the lovely awards.

  3. haha - I love such simple cooking too! Well written too...

  4. ha ha...we have to improvise sometimes like this...i am sure the kid loved it.
    sweet corn makes a convenient ingredient for any soup or quick snack for me always..

  5. At times making something from left overs is easy and takes less time.
    Thanks Somoo for the nice words.

  6. Sangeeta, nice to see you here.
    Everyone enjoyed the combination.
    Something quicky is always in my mind and at times they do taste very good.