Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aloo Methi

I spend some time at night watching TV. With the Big Boss show coming to an end, just a wait and watch situation for me to know the winner. After a day’s work watching TV is just like a simple past time and of course some recreation. Yesterday there was a bunch of methi saag at home. My Baba always said, “One thing at a time and that done well”. Yesterday I felt the pleasure of doing two things at a time (watching TV and cleaning the methi saag), easy work, not a brain work indeed. But it doesn’t mean I say what my Baba said was wrong. You know watching TV is relaxing, and the saag can be separated from the stem without even giving it a look. A work which has the use of the mind and the brain will never give space for another difficult work. I firmly believe in what my Baba said. I think I'm being silly.

Let me move out of this and write about my  Aloo Methi.

Methi Saag: 2 cups
Aloo: 5 medium size
Dry red chili: 3
Garlic: 5 cloves
Haldi powder
Red chili powder
Cooking oil

Simple preparation method:

Wash the methi leaves and let the water drain out. Once the water is totally drained out, chop the methi leaves and keep it aside.
Peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes. Keep them aside.
Wash the garlic cloves, crush them and put them aside.
Place a kadhai on the burning fire. Add 2 tbsp cooking oil. I’ve used mustard oil. When the oil is hot enough break the dry red chilies into half and throw them in. Add the crushed garlic soon after and stir it till the colour begins to change.
Now add the cubed potatoes and the haldi and chili powder. Fry it for 3 to 4 minutes cooking over slow flame. The potatoes will get half cooked by now.
Throw in the methi saag and give it a stir.
Now add salt to taste, stir and cover it.
Remove the cover and stir from time to time. Cook till the potatoes are soft and mixed well with the methi saag.

It’s ready to be served with hot roti, paratha and rice.


  1. wow!! looks so yummy..Perfect with roti

  2. Dear Didibhai
    This is my most favorite methi sag dish. I never tried a Garlic seasoning in methi..I can guess, it will impart a great flavor. Will try soon.
    On sunday I cooked your mutton recipe,,,it was just superb!!!
    Thanks for the recipe.
    Good wishes

  3. Hi you have a nice blog. you can visit my blog and give ur comments.

  4. wow.simply superb dear..........

  5. Awesome..I agree about not multitasking and yet watching TV and plucking those leaves are no sin.. so you are fine :) Nice recipe..

  6. Methi's flavor would blend in well with aloo..great combo :-)

  7. Hi Sarah Naveen,
    Thanks for being here.

  8. Ushnish, garlic seasoning adds a good flavour.
    Thanks for lovely words about the mutton recipe.

  9. Hi kitchen queen,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I will also visit your space.

  10. Nostalgia, thanks for coming up with your lovely comment.

  11. Gulmohar, thanks for sharing your thought.
    ...and keep smiling...

  12. Potato My all time favourite.Yours looks tempting.

  13. Padhu, nice to see you here with your sweet comment. I too love potatoes specially fried ones.
    ...and keep smiling...

  14. hmm..even i shell the peas and clean the saag while watching TV...no sin it is..
    great looking alu methi !!

  15. Hi Sangeeta, nice to see you here.

  16. Dear mam,

    While I observe that different person has different ways of cooking same item, I would request your opinion about adding chopped onion before adding crushed garlic in oil. I just want to know it to eradicate my inquisitiveness. Pls comment.