Thursday, December 31, 2009

Niramish Aloo Phul Kopi – Cauliflower and Potato Curry (Totally Vegetarian)

Monday and Tuesday, these two days of the week, I don’t cook non-veg dishes at home. I have been following this rule for quite sometime. Rule? A quiz(zy) word for my readers. This rule formulated by all of us at home. So no blame game to play and no regrets for a decision which we follow religiously. During these two weekdays, many a time I have to watch with greedy eyes when I see others savouring delicious non-veg food right before my eyes. Just joking, I’m not a glutton, just speaking out my thought.

In my Baperbadi (my mother’s place) care is taken to cook the veg and non-veg dishes separately. Fish, meat and eggs are cooked and put in the non-veg. meat-safe and a separate meat-safe for the veg. dishes. The kitchen is huge and there used to be Unoon (clay chulah) which burnt with coal fire. For most of the vegetarian dishes Ma never used onion and garlic and so with me.

As I broke the cauliflower florets I also thought about the phul kopi pakodas. Anyway it is time I share my niramish phul kopir tarkari with my readers.

For the curry you need:

Phul kopi (cauliflower): 1 (florets to fill one medium size bowl)

Potatoes: 4 big ones

Tomatoes: 1

Dhania powder: 1 tsp

Jeera powder: ¾ tsp

Haldi powder: ¾ tsp

Red chili powder: ½ tsp (as per your taste buds)

Cooking oil: 1 cup (I cooked with mustard oil)

Salt to taste

Sugar (Bong special taste): As per your requirement

How to prepare:

Wash the cauliflower florets.
Peel the potatoes, cube into eight pieces each. Wash and keep them aside.
Wash and cut the tomato and keep it ready for use.
In a bowl add the jeera, dhania, haldi and red chili powder and make a thin paste adding water to it and put it aside.
In a kadhai heat the mustard oil or cooking oil of your choice.. Tip in the florets and fry them till they start changing colour.
Once they are fried lightly take them out and keep them.
Add the cubed potatoes to the remaining oil. You can use more oil if no oil remains after frying the cauliflower. Stir the potatoes for a couple of minutes. Add the tomato and stir. When the potatoes take the pink colour and the tomatoes start giving out its juice, add the masala paste and stir. Now add salt and sugar and stir. Add little water if required to cook the masala.
Once the oil starts leaving the sides add water, sufficient for a thin gravy, and let it cook. Cover it with a lid. Stir it from time to time to see if the vegetables have been fully cooked.
Serve hot with rice.

I’ll be away for the weekend.

New Year wishes for you All. Have a nice time.


  1. Hi Gouri first time on your blog and thanks for visiting mine. love your way of cooking. right now am down with flu and drooling at this light alu fulkopi. send me some please.

  2. Dear Didibhai
    Thanks for the dish. I cook the same way with some variation, one like this and the other with a cumin bay leaf red chili seasoning and ginger paste. But mostly i cook your version.(but stir fried Gobi in low oil) The catch is, I cant reproduce the taste what my mother used to cook. This is because , the key thing here is for how long the spice was fried, how many times I sprinkled water to prevent a burn out ..these are skills, one can learn only by watching. So the taste is great no matter how we cook, but very difficult to reproduce specially the dishes where no high aroma spices like garam masala , methi, mouri etc are not used.
    1 cup Mustard oil ..and fried Kofi hummm got to be great..will try now
    Happy New year

  3. Your fulkopi looks so wonderful... Something so simple can be so flavorful...
    I know what you mean about keeping everything veg separate from non-veg in the kitchen. My mom, mausis and grandma are big sticklers of that too...

  4. Tempting gobi.Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year dear:)

  5. Hi Sayantani, thanks for visiting and the compliment. Get well soon and enjoy your New Year weekend.

    ...and keep smiling...

  6. Ushnishda, you know kopi drinks up a lot of oil. Are you too much health concious? Sada (simple) tarkari has its own taste.
    Eat,cook and be merry along with the coming year.

    ...and keep smiling...

  7. Hi Somoo, nice to see you here. I know, like the Bengalis, Oriya families do take care of this aspect...amish and niramish. During my stay in Cuttack and BBSR I have seen many Oriya families eating vegetarian food on Modays and I started following this.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    ...and keep smiling...

  8. Hi Esai, thanks for stopping by.
    Wishes for the New Year.

    ...and keep smiling...

  9. Hi Gouri,

    Thanks for your wishes. My mom prepares aloo phul kopi pretty much this way.

    Wish u and ur family a very happy and prosperous new year!


  10. more lovely curry from u..thanks for ur wishes and my new year wishes to u and ur family........have a great time ahead dear.

  11. Hi Arundhuti,
    Thanks for stopping by and the nice words. Enjoy and be merry.

    ...and keep smiling...

  12. Prasu, thanks for your sweet comment. Meet you next year :-)

    ...and keep smiling...

  13. Yummy Yumm curry!!! healthy and easy one..

  14. Reminds me of my Mum's Alu-Kopi dalna. Very nice.

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