Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nalen Gurer Payesh

When winter comes, Bengalis are in the lookout for Nalen Gur. Nalen Gur aka Patali Gur alias Khejur Gur. With so many names you can well imagine its importance...where? the world of Sweets.

A little about Nalen Gur. You can go on and on talking about it, the Kheju gacher rosh (date palm liquid) collected in small earthen pots that are hung to the slits made near the top portion of the palm trees, which is collected for use. This Khejurer rosh (liquid) can be consumed in its liquid form, which many like to drink. When this liquid is cooked it turns to khejur liquid and solid form.

I got my quota of Patali Gur when the fresh stocks reached the market. Eat it with rotis and parathas, tastes great. Best used in my home in Payesh. Sweet shops sell nalen gurer rosogolla, and the gurer sandesh which come in two forms - kancha gola and kara paag - tastes heavenly.

I like my nalen gurer payesh very simple as I love to relish the smell and taste of it.

For my Nalen Gurer Payesh:

Milk (full cream) 1 ½ ltrs.

Gobindo Bhog Rice ½ cup

Sugar ½ cup

Nalen Gur about 1 cup after breaking the hard gur into small granules

You can adjust the sweetness to you taste.

Put the milk to boil. By then wash the rice and keep it. Let the milk boil for about 3-4 minutes. Then add the rice to the boiling milk. Keep stirring the boiling milk from time to time. After 5 minutes simmer the flame and let the rice cook in the milk. Another 15 minutes the rice is cooked and the milk reduced to less than half. Now add the sugar and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Time to add the gur and make sure all the solids chunks get dissolved.

The payesh is now ready to be served. Eat it hot or cold and get the taste and smell of the gur. A simple payesh, easy for learners too.


  1. Gorudi, ami chaaler payesh khaina ... kintu patali gur diye jokhon banano hoto, 2 bati kore khetam. :-)
    Last weekend ekhankar Bangali shop e giyechilam for our dose of vegetable chop and shingara ... okhane nalen gur er roshogolla khelam ... besh bhalo laglo. :-)

  2. Btw khesari dal ta ki ( last post er comment e bolechen ) ?

  3. Sorry ... typing mistake ... Gouridi.

  4. Sharmila, aagae patali gur khete bhalo lagto na. Ekhon chalae, payesh aar sandesh bhalo lage.

    Khesari dal has more similarity with arhar and cholar dal in looks. For monetary gain khesari dal is mixed with arhar and cholar dal and even with besan as it is cheap.

    The main thing is, this dal is very harmful to health and has been banned by the government. It is harmful to the nervous system. Better to avoid this dal if one can.

    Avoid eating peyagi ha ha:-)


  5. Gouridi amake ak bati pathie dao plz. eta je ami khete ki bhalobasi ki bolbo. asadharon dakhachche. amar kintu ak bati chaii chai.

  6. hi Gouridi,
    That was some detailed info...this kinda gur is not found in B'lore when we went to Cal had loads of sweets made with bong husband :)introduced me to this wonderful ingredient :)
    The payesh looks's really long time since I've had this :(

  7. Yummy! Never tried it but now will

  8. Sayantani, satti kora jodi tomake khawate partam...hmmmmm!
    khoob bhalo laglo comment ta pore.


  9. Suparna, wish you could get this gur in B'lore...could surely make your husband happy...serving this payesh.
    Thanks for the nice words.


  10. Nostalgia, try it out and enjoy the taste.
    Thanks for being here.

  11. Hi,Posting here for the first time.Your Nolen gurer payesh is looking so good.These recipes bring back that fuzzy warm feeling of home :)