Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Suji (Semolina) Upma

I was in bed for days, down with fever. Even after the fever left me for good, I was not the usual self that I am. I tried to spend some time on my internet, but was unable to sit with it for a long time. So I was left with little reading, posting fewer comments and no posts from my end...really boring lying down all the time.

After feeling better I made Suji Upma and how I relished it, for by now I was fed up with the food I ate. And this upma tasted heavenly, maybe because I didn’t get to eat my normal food for so many days.

I looked for the suji/semolina container which had been misplaced in my absence from the kitchen. Measured a cup of it and dry roasted it till it started to get the pinkish touch. Kept it aside. Took an onion, a big one, and cut it. The onion pieces sat on a plate while I took the next step.

Placed the kadhai on the burning stove and poured 2 tbsp of groundnut refined oil. Once it was hot added some curry leaves and then put in 1 tbsp of chana dal, 1tsp of mustard seeds and once the
spluttering started added the onion pieces and gave it a stir. When the onion started to lose its firmness added 2 cups of water and let it come to a boil. Then came the salt and soon added the roasted suji and kept on stirring. Before the water dried up totally, added 1 tbsp of ghee and my Upma was ready.

I gobbled up the simple dish like someone who had not eaten for days. And then had a cup of tea...felt so good.


  1. Easy and simple dish. My all time fav.

  2. Everybody is having fever now a days..i am also down with that for a couple of days...suji is always a favourite one...

  3. simple and delicious one...simple things in life is always good..great to know that you are doing good care.

  4. take care and feel better! Suji - Looks yum!

  5. I am praying to God for your speedy recovery. Take proper care of your health. Get well soon.
    Upma looks delicious and tempting. I love upma very much and its perfect for breakfast as well as snacks.

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  7. @kitchen queen


    Thanks for spending time here and glad to read our comment.

  8. Hi Kamalika, wish you a speedy recovery and thanks for your comment which is always welcome.

  9. Hi Suman Singh, feel much better now and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Babli, I'm much better now. Thanks dear for your lovely comment which is no doubt cheering.

  11. Shorir theek na thakle jodi keu ektu kichu baniye de, ki bhalo lage na....Hope you are doing fine now. Simple preparation...looks comfort food
    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Easy, simple and delicious upma! I love it!

  13. Get well soon dear!!!! simply yummy upma..

  14. simple and yummy upma..lovely breakfast

  15. Such a comforting breakfast for me, Gouri

  16. *********--,_
    ,--;_/*******HAPPY INDEPENDENCE*_/*****.|*,/
    \__************** DAY **********'|****_/**_/*

  17. Easy and simple upma .Take care of your health.

  18. Hope you feel better, Didibhai. I too like making this suji'r upma. I add some beans and peas too. And eat it with MTR Gun Powder. :-)

  19. ami tai bhabchilam anekdin tomake dekhini online. sharir thik ache akhon?ami better achi, hatat kore Kolkata aste hoeche, okhan thekei post korlam.
    sabdhane thako Gouridi ei samayer jar jari gulo khub niggling hoche. aar tomar ei recipe ta baddo bhalo. kije bhalo lage khete ki bolbo. ar post er writing style khub bhalo laglo amar.

  20. Thank you girls for your sweet words and concern. I'm feeling much better and enjoy reading your posts.

  21. Dear Didibhai
    I feel good that you have recovered and posted this recipe..Upma is forever , I love it..
    I feel good that you liked the chingDi recipe.
    Dont worry, next time you go to CR park , just phone SUmanta ( the biggest fish seller in Market No 1 and a very close friend of mine for last few decades). Just call him (he is there in the evening afternoon)..Take my reference Ghosh of Noida and order the fish standing outside the fish market. ( His is the 1st shop). His number is 9810132815
    Bhalo theko and eat high protein diet

  22. Gouri, i am so sorry to hear about your fever. I hope you are keeping yourself hydrated well!

  23. Wish you Happy Rakshabandhan.
    Get well soon.