Thursday, September 2, 2010

Awards from Madhu

I feel happy and excited to receive these awards from Madhu. Been quite some time she asked me to collect them from her blogspot, though late, I’ve collected them. Thanks and welcome for sharing and thinking about me.

Thanks again Madhu for these lovely awards.

Rule on receiving The Versatile Award says that I have to say 7 things about me. Bear with me and read on...

1. Can’t do without my first cup of tea in the morning.

2. Love to travel.

3. Reading and writing is my passion and cooking too.

4. Though I have few potted plants, love to speak to them every day and look after them with much care.

5. I am sincere in what I do.

6. I do get angry very soon but the heat comes down very quickly.

7. Like to watch movies. Love games and sports.

I would like to share these awards with Deepa, Kamalika, Babli, Suja, Ushnishda and all my blogger friends. Feel free to collect them from here.


  1. Congratulations for the awards and thanks for sharing these with me...wish you get showered by many more awards like these.....bhalo theko...

  2. Congratulations! Wish you many more.

  3. Congrats !! enjoyed your meme :-)

  4. Loved reading so much more about you. When does the school begin Gouri? I cant wait to hear about the kids!

  5. Hi,

    Congrats on your awards!!
    May you get many more!!!


  6. Kamalika, please collect the awards and thanks.

  7. Rachana, thanks for the good wishes.

  8. Gulmohar, so sweet of you for the encouraging words.

  9. Madhu, first thanks for sharing the awards with me.
    School has already begun and I've started writing something else too. I want you to read and give your view on the write-ups.
    Hope to see you on my other blogspot with your comments...comments are valuable for self assesment and knowing if others enjoy the read.
    Hope to meet you there soon.


  10. Hello Sameena, thanks for being here.

    Just peeked into your lovely space. There is so much to go through and I like your blogspot. Will spend time there and sure to come up with my comments.
    Hope to see you again.


  11. Congrats on your awards....Khoob bhalo laglo tomar bepare jene...Isn't talking to plants is a nature healing therapy? Amio ghurtey khoob pochondo kore.
    And thanks a lot for sharing these awards with me.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Heartiest congratulations to you for all your awards. Amio berate r gardening korte bhishon bhalobashi. Thank you very much for sharing these lovely awards with me.

  13. Gouri, I have a request for you. Do you know how to make Lavang Latika? If yes, can you please share the recipe here? I would love to try that out.

  14. Madhu, request granted.I will post Lavag Latika (Lobongo Lotika, this the how we Bengalis call it ...of course the name):):):)
    I was thinking of making some and I believe, this is indeed a telepathy. I'll come up with this in a couple of week's time.

  15. Dear Didibhai
    Wao!! Congratulations!!!
    thank you for giving me the awards too. I am picking them up and will display on my blog.
    Will be waiting for labongo Lotika ...I was trying to make some few months back but I have guffed with the procedure and the details landed with a hard non-edible stuff ha ha

    bhalo theko

  16. Congrats on your awards.

  17. Thanks Shanthi. Will visit your blog.

  18. Congrats and nice knowing more about you