Monday, September 20, 2010

Ilish-Begoon Shorshe aar Taak Diye - Hilsa and Eggplant cooked in Sour Mustard Gravy

I have been cooking and eating a lot of Ilish (Hilsa). For the last 4 weeks Hilsa is travelling all the way, every weekend, from the CR Park fish market to my home. Fed up with the regular Rui (Rohu) and with Ilish available in plenty simply enjoying the taste of it.

Last week I cooked Ilish-Begoon with Sorshe bata (mustard paste) and tentul (tamarind). This is a simple, quick and easy to cook dish.

All we need:

Hilsa pieces: 6 pieces. Rub with salt and haldi powder. (To get the best taste and flavour of Hilsa it is always better to remove the scales and wash the whole fish. Next cut it into pieces and don’t wash it again).

Begoon (Egg plant): 2 wash and then cut each one into half and then cut 3 pieces lengthwise from each half. Keep it aside.

Dry red chillies: 2

Mustard seeds: 1 ½ tbsp make into a paste along with 2 green chillies

Tamarind: Size of a small lemon soaked in water to extract the pulp

Haldi powder: ½ tsp

Red chilli powder: ¼ tsp

Salt: To taste

Sugar: As per individual taste

Mustard oil: Cook Hilsa in Mustard oil as it brings out a special flavour

Now it’s preparation time:

Pour mustard oil into the cooking kadhai/wok/pan. Once it is hot fry the Ilish pieces very lightly. Some people cook Ilish without frying for this fish has a special smell.

Take out the pieces and keep it for later use.

In the same oil break the red chillies into half and tip in. Once the strong smell of the red chillies starts spreading add the eggplant pieces and sauté for a couple of minutes. To this add salt, haldi and red chilli powder and stir for 3 minutes. Don’t let the eggplants get the brown coat on the outer sides.

Time to add the mustard paste and some water as this dish has running gravy.

Once it starts boiling add the tamarind pulp and soon add the sugar (to your taste).

Cover and cook till the eggplant is cooked.

Then add the fish pieces and after 2-3 minutes the dish is ready to be served.

Serve with hot rice and dal and enjoy your meal with the flavour and taste of Hilsa.


  1. Dear Didibhai
    So after Ilish maccher tak misti ambol, I am going to try this. I make a Sorshe bata tak with other fish and I use, sour tomato or an extra sour lemon ( size of an orrange), called kandhiya in Oriya and extra hot with green chili.
    Never tried with Ilish, now I will make.
    Have a nice week ahead
    Ushnish da

  2. same here Gouridi . never had this. amar jethima amra die Ilish banay tabe eita khaini. amra anyo mach die amchoor sorshe die tak kori. eta korte habe. akdom anyo rakom.

  3. Fish curry looks delicious and mouthwatering..never tried this before..sounds super yummy.

  4. Ilish Maache Jhol with Begun looks fabulous. Wonderful combo.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. This is a new one! Like the way you have added begun in a tok jhol of ilish. I have only had ilish maacher tok, apart from the steamed ilish. Nice to know there can be so many possibilities with ilish.

  6. Fish n eggplant is a new combo for me..looks wonderful...And sure that mustard oil gives a lot of flavor

  7. Ami begun diye ilish kheyechhi..kintu ei dish ta akdom notun....dekhei mone hochhe darun hobe khete.....

  8. wow ,very new combination of brinjal n fish ...looks delicious ..


  9. wow - looks yum! Never knew you could add brinjal to mustard fish curry!

  10. Darun r notun dhoroner recipe. Ami ilish machh bhape baniyechhi kintu begun diye kokhono banaini. Dekhte khub sundor lagchhe r kheteo sheirokom tasty hobe. Thanks for your lovely recipe.

  11. Hi Gouri,

    New combo for me with fish and egg plant...


  12. Ushnishda,
    I too add lots of tomatoes for some shosher curry. I spent my childhood in Cuttack. During those early childhood days I remember how we siblings went to our neighbours house to buy those sour lemons. The old lady sold these as she was struggling for a living. Didn't know it is known as kandhiya. My Sis-in-law adds sour lemon juice to her Punti mach curry.
    Try this and let me know how it tasted.

  13. Sayantani, tumi amrar kotha bolle, mone pore gelo amrar tok-er kotha. Amader badi-te ekta amrar gaach chilo. amra gulo khoob boro hoto, Ma bolten eta bileti amra, misti tak noi. bandorer updroper jonno gachta kata holo.
    jano aee-ta aamar silly innovation, kintu jara kheyeche bole daroon tasty. try kore dekho ekbar.

  14. Suja, this combo will taste good with hilsa fish.

  15. Deepa, ilish mach, I feel this is the Bongs fav fish.

  16. Pree, yes 'possibilities' make all the difference.

    Gulmohar, the mustard flavour is strong and pungent...many may not like it.

    Kamalika,aae dish ta ekdin try korlam, bhalo laglo.

  17. Satya, thanks for being here.

    Somoo, sometimes a 'try' can bring about all the difference.

  18. Babli, bhapa ilish shoob bangalir priyo, amar o khoob bhalo lage. Thanks for the lovely comment.

    Sameera, nice to see you here with your comment. Come back again.

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  20. Looks delicious. I've always thought of hilsa as a very gourmet ingredient, after reading "A Suitable Boy"...

  21. Gowri, looks very nice.

    Sad news, I met with a motorbike accident and am in bed since 1 week. It seems it will take another week to heal. I am so bored :(

  22. i love fish cooked in mustard gravy!!! so mouthwatering dear..loved it..

  23. Never tried fish in mustard oil....gravy looks delicious

    Pushpa @

  24. Gouridi,
    prothome to eto bhalo blog er jonyo onek-2 shubhecha..ami eto deri kore dilaam eto shundor ekta blog ke konjhte , bhebhe kemon lagche..

    apnar comment ta peye bhishon bhalo laglo..
    Ilish mach'er jhaal begon diye banae tobe tok ta noton twist amar jonyo ..thanks for sharing some good recipes with us..
    hugs and smiles

  25. I have cooked this dish I mean begun and sorse combo for Rui mach and with potato as niramish( vegetarian). but illish is gonna do today because I have some left over sorse from bhapa illish.
    Try begun, aloo and sorse bata with pachphoron and red chilli whole as a phoron and then ..... it's really taste delicious and mouth watering believe me. If some body needs full recipe and mom tips for mouth watering taste of it. Don't be sigh I am at

  26. Thanks to didibhai for sharing the recipe.