Friday, October 8, 2010

Bhindi Bhaja with Onion and Tomato/ Fried Lady’s Finger

The Pujo atmosphere has gathered me in its arms with a feeling that is so different and something that I yearn for at this time of the year. There are so many thoughts that get together even much before the Pujas come to the doorstep with a knock.

Ask any Bangali (Bengali) about Pujo and see the excitement in the eyes. That’s been happening to me of late and in the preparation for the coming days...enthusiasm tops the list with more things to follow.

Long time I posted on my food blog. For today it is the Bhindi Bhaja. This is more so as some young girls...beginners in the kitchen art...wanted to know about this preparation. I had told them it was very simple and more or so less effortless from many dishes that are cooked at home.

I hope this simple and easy dish will make some of them happy.


Bhindi/Lady’s Finger/Dhe(n)rosh in Bengali: ½ Kg. Wash them whole and then cut into 1 inch long pieces.

Onion: 2. Slice thinly.

Tomato: 1. Washed and chopped.

Cooking oil: 2 ½ tbsp (I’ve used mustard oil, any cooking oil will do)

Haldi powder: ¾ ts

Red chilli powder: ½ tsp (optional)

Salt: To taste


Place the kadhai/wok on the burning stove. Add the oil and once the smoke starts rising add the sliced onions and stir. Simmer the flame and once the firmness of the onion starts breaking down add the chopped tomatoes and stir fry.

After 3-4 minutes the tomatoes will become mushy. Time to add the bhindi pieces and increase the flame. Give it a stir and cover with a lid. Open the lid and stir from time to time for 2-3 minutes. Now add salt, haldi powder, red chilli powder (if you want it a bit spicy). Cover and simmer the flame again and let it cook in its own juices that are released and in between make sure to remove the lid to stir and cook so that all the ingredients get cooked evenly. This will take about 8-10 minutes to be fully cooked and served.

Relish it with hot rotis or with rice and dal. Sometimes a simple dish can make all the difference.


  1. I love this very much but have not used mustard oil

  2. kothay chile Gouridi? khub pujo'r bazar korle bujhi? Kolkata jabe na Delhitei ebar? CR park e tabe sundor pujo hay.
    bhindi bhaja khub sundor, sheet kale ruti die baddo bhalo lage.

  3. I make the bhindi similarly but do not put the tomato. I use amchur powder. Any souring agent is fine, as it prevents the bhindi from going all mushy. Good recipe, nonetheless.

  4. looks yummy Gouri di :) Happy puja celebrations to u and fly!

  5. Hmm... bujhte parchi khoob pujo special shopping hoyche, tai na?
    Amra jokhon Gurgaon thaktam tokhon ekta puro din C. R. Park e katatam. So What is your plan? Bhindi is my fav...and bhindi bajha tops the list. Khoob bhalo hoyeche apnar fry ta. I do add little lemon to prevent the stickiness

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Looks delicious okra..nice recipe,will surely try this

  7. bhindi is my favorite too ...this bhoja looks superb with onion n tomato ...


  8. Padhu, I use mustard oil for most of my cooking. Cooked in mustard oil brings little difference in taste...thats what I feel as I've used other refined oil also.

  9. Sayantani, pujote Delhi te e thakbo. amader VK te o besh kota Bangali pujo hoi. kintu CR Park er aab hawa ta khoob bhalo lage. bari-ghar-dor porishkar choleche, aar boshe boshe deen kunchi.

  10. Hi Rachana, nice to see you after a long interval. Any souring agent makes bhindi tastier. I also make a sour dish with bhindi...lots of tamarind and just feeling my mouth watering as I write this.
    Thanks dear for the read and comment.

  11. Suparna, nice to read your words. Pujas...bring back so many nostalgic memories and look forward for enjoyment. You too have a nice time for the Pujas.
    Thanks for being here.

  12. Deepa, pujor kotha bhable ekta anondo ashe mone. kichu notun to kenai hoye. pujo ekhane katabo. amder vasant kung e besh bhalo pujo hoye and cr park to jaboee...kintu ki bheed hore tai na?


  13. Hi Satya,
    Thanks for spending time to read and comment.

  14. Hey welcome back... Happy Puja! Lovely post - I love bhindi...