Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vegetable Fried Rice

Usually on Sunday’s love to cook Fried Rice...and what more my favourite Kosha Mangsho (see here) tastes so good. As I was going through my food album, saw this picture of Vegetable fried Rice and thought, “why not post this recipe for today”.

I had some carrots, french beans and capsicum. Thought that could make for the day’s dish. When I had cooked this dish there were no external tears for onion...hope you understand what I mean...

Now onions make us cry...soaring prices and for its scarcity in the market. That’s what politicians in our country want from us...cry for some reason or the other...

Think of politics and politicians and the food tastes bland. So I’m on my move to write down about my Fried Rice.


Basmati rice: 2 cups

Carrots: 2

Capsicum: 2

French beans: 6-7

Onions: 3-4 (medium size)

Cooking oil: 3-4 tbsp. I’ve used refined groundnut oil.

Salt: to taste

Sugar: 1 ½ tsp


Cook the rice and drain the water. Be careful the rice is not over cooked. For this be careful ... the pinch of the grain between the two fingers can feel the minute hardness in the middle... when the water has to be drained and the rice spread out on a open plate.

Next chop the vegetables into small pieces.

Slice the onions into thin long pieces.

Now heat about 1 tsp oil and toss fry the carrots for a minute and take it out. Do the same with the chopped capsicum and french beans.

Next add the rest of the oil and fry the onion till it becomes translucent. To this add the rice and mix it up. Add salt and sugar and mix well for a couple of minutes over low flame. Soon add the vegetables and give a good mix.

Serve hot.


  1. Perfect one pot meal for lazy weekends..love it :)

  2. Dear Gouri Di

    Khub Bhalo Fried Rice Hoyeche. Let us think about ourselves and our blogger friends while cooking new dishes instead of corrupt politicians and food will definitely taste better.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Colorful and healthy!


  4. Perfect and delicious fried rice..colorful.

  5. my all time fav. came out very well

  6. Hy Gouri,
    amazing blog u have..nice recipes..following u..
    check out mine..
    Tasty appetite

  7. lovely dish made perfectly...thats a good word about the onion...Glad to have bumped into ur blog...keep up the good work...wonderful...happy to follow u....drop into my space sometime...

  8. I make something similar to this Gouri...will try this method too :)

  9. Thanks all for having spent sometime here and sharing your comments.

  10. Superb recipe and lovely clicks