Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Masala Papad – Call it Appetizer or a Tasty Starter

During my recent visit to the beach-side I found people selling fried papads and saw how quickly their stuff was sold off. They carried the fried papads in huge baskets slung on their shoulder with the help of a cotton strap. Fried papads are so less in weight that they carried the jhu(d)ri (basket in Bengali) so effortlessly. 

Their stuff being sold off quickly, they ran and soon were back with another basket full of this stuff.

For me papad bhaja that’s sold in such places will get a big NO but some tele bhaja (different kinds of deep fried food) cholbe (can do with). “Fussy” some call me, but sometimes fuss is good.

Well that’s not what I’m to tell today. It’s all about the Masala Papad I make at home. It’s such a tasty starter that before the main food is served, this is also a good “Time Pass”.

For making this first fry the whole papad and if you don’t want the fried ones then can roast them. But for me the fried ones taste better.

Then the fried papad has to be garnished. For this:

Cut the onion into small pieces.

Tomatoes also need to be cut in size with the onion.
I didn’t have cucumber, so didn’t use, but you can if you have. The cucumber should be cut like the onion and tomato.
Chopped green chillies
Lemon juice
Salt to taste
Some chat masala.

On the fried papad spread the onion, tomato, chopped green chilli, cucumber if you have it, sprinkle salt and chat masala and then on top add lemon juice.

Serve immediately as the papad will become soggy once the spread is done.

Relish the appetizer and while relishing write and hum your own jingle starting with, “Tasty tasty Papad…”  

© gouri guha 2013