Monday, March 11, 2013

Plagiarism at its Height

Dear Blogger friends. Today I was astonished to find one of my photographs, the one from Aloo Methi recipe, finding a place on another blog site Khana Pakana. Giving the link here

Though my photo is from Aloo Methi recipe, the one who has stolen it has put it against his/her recipe of Aloo Piyaj Koli. One thing for sure the person concerned is misguiding the readers. Maybe the person has copied the writing also, perhaps bit by bit from different blogs…not sure, can contemplate…

I was really stunned by the guts of the cheater. One thing for sure, the individual has very little knowledge of cooking.

This is an alert for me and I wanted to share it with you’ll.

Happy Blogging and beware of Plagiarists J


  1. churi ta kore boka gulo...budhhi lage eita jane na tai cation alada ar pic different recipe de...disgusting ....kobe bondo korbe ei gulo ...

    1. Bole nile pore kono khoti nayee. Ki lajja credit dite karoke?
      This has been going on and will continue, we have to be careful and spread word when something like this happens.
      A happening like this is a lesson learner.

  2. Very disgusting. We should blacklist such people. Why don't you insert text into your photos so that it is difficult for them to just copy.

    1. Blacklist them, but, who will bell the cat? Since sometime I've been putting up text on the pictures.
      A concern for all isn't it?

  3. its true ...v can't find a way to stop this shameful plagiarism activity...
    Tasty Appetite