Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rosogolla -- Bengali Sweet Dish

While visiting some relatives or close friends, a Bangali will love to carry a small bhand (earthen pot) of rosogollas. This sweet meat is a favourite of many and when someone comes up with some of these, the mouthwatering process starts by just seeing them. 

Rosogollas have the good look – white cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup. Hold one between the thumb and the first and second finger and then -- toop kore mukhe chole jaai  -- it goes into the open mouth, with every bite the cheese ball breaks in the mouth and the sweet syrup adds to its taste. That’s the feel and the taste of Rosogolla.

Rosogolla making at home is no rocket science. It needs some time, some patience, some love and care in the making process and then spread happiness with every bite.

While making some at home I had clicked the pictures so that I could write about this and share the photos.

First process:

Take 2 litres of milk and make some cheese. Cheese making is simple – once the milk starts boiling, take about 4 tsp. of lime juice, add same quantity of water to it, then pour this liquid into the boiling milk. This will separate the solid part and then it is time to strain the curdled milk. Wait till the water drains off completely from the chana/cheese.


Time to knead the cheese. Massage it with the help of the palm till it becomes soft and buttery.


Take 4 cups of water in a cooking vessel. To this add 2 cups of sugar and set this container to come up to a boil.

In the meantime, cut off bits from the big chunk of cheese and make small balls, the size of a small lemon.

Once finished off with making these tiny balls, put them in one-by-one, very gently, into the boiling syrup. 

After 8-10 minutes the cheese balls will grow bigger in size.

Another 3-5 minutes and the Rosogollas are ready to be eaten.

Hot Rosogollas taste very good!

Cool them and serve, the fruit of your labour can very well be judged by its grand taste.

There you have Home-made Rosogollas to share with others and also gulp down a couple of them to find out the truth of the taste.

© gouriguha 2013


  1. ki bhalo rosogolla Gouridi. dekhei khai khai lagche ar darun likhecho rosogolla khabar experience ta. akdom picture perfect.

    1. Sayantani, tomar comment pore khoob bhalo laglo. badite rosogolla kore ektu beshi khawa hoye jaye, aar adulterated misthir theke bancha jaye.

  2. oh wow... absolutely love it...

    1. Your comment makes your presence be felt...ha ha ha...