Monday, August 19, 2013

Mango Shake/ Refreshing Mango Drink

There are two words in the title of this story or should I say something FRUITY and JUICY in this spread of writing that I’m presenting. This is no doubt it’s a Fruity Affair and a Juicy Drink. All this because of the King of Fruits the Mango and the taste of it blended to give out its taste and flavour.

Let me say something why this thought of putting this up came to my mind. All started when my Mangowallah, yes my Mango Man…don’t take me wrong here for saying “The Mango Man”…no he’s not
the AAM AADMi as referred to by great political leaders, but the common mango seller who sits with his mango heap to sell out his ware to people like me and others who go to him to get their share, no no not share but buy the mango which we consumers so much like.

Well, mangoes come and go with the season. The mango is a summer fruit and the heat and sweat of summer gets drowned as we savour this tasty fruit. The green mango gets its place in the Puja Ghar on the day of Dol Jatra/Holi the festival of colours. Then starts the mango time of the year…the green ones cooked as ambol/tak/chutney and then this is the time to pickle this fruit which can last in the homes not only for days, but for years also. Some household make huge stocks of mango Achar/Pickle which can last them till the next availability of this fruit. Sweet and sour pickles are also available in the market in bottles and those who don’t try a hand at making it at home, can get the taste of it buying them from the shops.

The mango story can go on and on…plucking them from the trees by throwing stones during childhood days, breaking in into others garden and plucking them and get punishment from parents when there is a complain…and so many anecdotes come to my mind, but here, today it’s something different.

Coming back let me say the mango did not shake but got the shake to come out and please the palate with its taste

All that’s needed:

Fresh ripe mango pieces or pulp: ½ cup

Milk: 1 cup (can use chilled milk)

Sugar: if required


Pour the mango pieces/pulp and the milk in a mixie.

Then let it go grrrrrrrrrrrrh so that both these items mix well together.

Taste and see if you want to add some sweetness.


Pour it out in a glass.

Can use some ice cubes for the cool effect.

Adding chilled milk gives the coolness in this drink, so no need to add ice cubes.

Each one have their own way -- used chilled milk, that’s what I do -- my children like to add ice cubes even after adding chilled milk.

Relax and enjoy your refreshing shake aka drink.

But I’ll miss MANGOES for now…

© gouri guha 2013


  1. Delicious and refreshing mango shake. Lovely preparation.

  2. I feel really season has gone...
    Thanks :)