Thursday, August 22, 2013

Watermelon Juice – Refreshing, Colourful and Delicious

Watermelon the sought-after fruit in summer because of its great taste and water content which is satisfying. The look of it good…the outer part with that green and wide white stripes and cut it open and it’s all so pink, nay, with that dark shade of the sweet pink colour.

Now-a-days people are interested to know about the food value of their food and drinks. By drinks I mean fruit juices that are healthy and nutritious. Are people really so health conscious or is the easy use of the internet help them go for the search engine to find and learn something that they may not be aware of. Of course the source of finding on the internet boosts up the interest and in this the person concerned comes to gather more knowledge which is no doubt helpful. One may accept what they have read and can also brush it aside or even store it in their mind to give Gyaan (impart knowledge) to others.

Watermelon juice is common in our home. I came across some interesting facts about this drink which I would like to share. It says this drink is a muscle soother and has antioxidant properties. It increases muscle protein and eases aching muscles after a workout session at the gym. This juice does not stay fresh very long and separates. So this is not a common juice sold in bottles in stores.

Making watermelon juice at home is easy and quick.

There you go when you have:

Watermelon: 1
Sugar or honey
Some lemon juice
Ice cubes (optional)

Start with:

Cut the watermelon into half.

Using a spoon discard the seeds.

Take the soft pink portion and cut into small pieces.

Put the pieces in the blender, add little water and pulsate it.

Now add some lemon juice and sugar or honey as per your taste and blend it.

Strain and pour out in a glass and serve.

Can also add some ice cubes if desired.

The juice can be enjoyed after getting the taste of it. Hurry up and start to enjoy the taste of your labour.

© gouri guha 2013


  1. Delicious and refreshing juice.

  2. Wish I had Aladdin's magic lamp so that I could wish for my glass of juice anytime I wanted (smiles).