Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Egg Roll with a Healthy Bite

It was the weekend evening and I knew there would be words about some tasty snack for gobbling up by everyone present. I had tucked my feet on the chair and in no mood to do anything other than watching the TV.

On the one hand it was Snacky Hunger Calling and at the same time dusk had fallen and it was quite dark outside. But I was enjoying the cool from the air conditioner with the idiot box doing all the noise in the room. The tray with the empty cups was on the center table waiting to be carried to the kitchen sink. We had just finished our cha and biscoot (tea and biscuit) but still then hunger tried to squeeze in into the stomach and there was want for food…at this time what more than a heavy snack…for dinner would be late all knew.

The first assurance I wanted from all was they should not nag me when I went to the kitchen.

Second, no harsh comments once the food was presented.

Third relish every bite for I would give them something tasty and healthy.

Conditions apply was the chorus and …

Unwillingly I pulled my resting-self out of the chair and ferried across to the kitchen. What then, the labour for the outcome started.

I knew if I would disclose my idea of using atta (whole wheat flour) for the egg roll, the noses would go up. Very carefully I made my atta dough by adding some salt, cooking oil and water.

Next was to keep the eggs ready…taking them out from the fridge and placing them near my cooking place.

The third part was to slice some onions, finely chop few green chillies, and then it was mostly ready for the cooking part.

Kept the tomato, chilli and soya sauce close at hand for that was something I would need before rolling up.

Making the filling:

In a non-stick pan poured very little oil.

Once the oil was hot added the onions and stir fried till it became translucent.

Next added tomato sauce, little chilli sauce and very little soya sauce and some salt for seasoning and then mixed it well for a minute. Took it out and kept it for later use.

Cooking part:

Divided the dough into equal portions and rolled them out one by one like rotis but a bit thick.

Placed the roti on the non-stick pan and fried it like a paratha using very little oil. Then kept them aside.

Now comes the egg-y part:

Put a little oil into the pan and broke the egg into it. 

Next broke the yolk and put the paratha on it and pressed it for the egg to spread all around.

Let it fry for 2 minutes on low heat so that the egg is cooked.

Then gave it a turn and after few seconds took it out.

Final touch:

Now placed the parathas one at a time on a plate and then put the onion filling in the middle.

Added some chopped green chillies to it.

Rolled it up on aluminium foil. Can also roll it up using paper.

Served and every bite was relished and no grumbling.

This is no special Egg Roll from a very reputed food joint but My Kitchen’s Egg Roll…make it and taste it…enjoy every healthy bite…

Healthy food can be made in home kitchens…so cook healthy and eat healthy…that’s the thought of the day…

© gouri guha 2013