Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rui Mach-er (Rohu Fish’s) Day out to China Town

The fish was there sitting in pieces on the plate. They stared at me straight into my eyes. I could very well find they were reading my thoughts. Staring, blinking, winking, what they were doing was hard to tell. But they looked straight at me.

By now I took some haldi powder and salt and started rubbing onto the fish pieces. As the rubbing went on I thought about the Kerala Body Massage we can take to feel fresh and energetic. As my hands carried on, I think of that day and smile. On a trip to Bangalore, we travelled some distance to a lovely place and stayed in a very luxurious accommodation. The Kerala Body Massage was something unavoidable. It was a great experience. By now my act with the fish pieces was over.

I sat the Kadhai (wok), poured some oil and lightly fried the fish. I could read their thoughts…not in wonderland or dreamland…but actually I felt I could hear their language. One said to the other, “Today Didibhai is not doing the usual Macher Jhol”.

“How do you know it”?

“Can’t you see the preparation, something different is going on”.


“Just wait…”

By then I had made my preparation.

2 Onions: cut into chunks

2 Capsicum: Cut into pieces like the onion

2-3 green chillies chopped

Soya sauce

Maggie Hot & Sweet sauce

 Red chilli sauce

Salt to taste

Red chilli powder: ¾ tsp.

Seeing all the ingredients the fried fish pieces knew they were visiting some new place of taste. They watched their fate as I went on with my act.

Very little cooking oil, white oil, and not the regular mustard oil.

Once hot tipped in the onion pieces and sautéed till translucent.

Next was the turn of the capsicum pieces and the chopped green chillies. In they went and they were gently mixed with the onion.

Salt added making sure that the quantity was just enough for taste as the soya sauce would soon come. And the red chilli powder was not to be left behind…in it went…

No over cooking, just a couple of minutes of mixing up and then added the three different sauces.

Making sure all were mixed properly, the fried fish pieces went in to mix and match together for a minute and half to bring out the taste.

The serving bowl was ready and then goes to the table for the hungry to devour and relish the taste.

The fish was happy to visit China Town and give a different taste to the taste buds of those who ate them with satisfaction.

© gouri guha 2013


  1. Darun story Gouri di, tomar ar macher modhe akta frequency match hoyeche jeta ato bhalo preparation ei bojha gache. Excellent pics as well.

    1. Deepa, tomar comment pore khoob bhalo laglo. Thanks dear.