Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ghugni Chaat

Ghugni Chaat
Last time when I wrote and posted here, it was before the Pujas had come. Durga Pujo came and went away, Lokhi Pujo also came and made its exit and now time for Kali Pujo to come. Here the buck does not stop for this is the festive season in India and as soon as all these Pujos wrap up their days and go after making a big buzz, the cold days are standing there for our welcome.

Late that I am but wishing my friends here – Subho Bijoya, lots of love and warmth – and that brings to mind all the goodies that was savoured during these lovely days. Many people have a sweet tooth and they love the sweets served to them when Bijoya time comes. This gesture of serving goodies continues till Kali puja and that keeps the lady of the house on her toes to be prepared to serve some sweet& namkeen food to her guests.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chicken Makha- Makha

Puja days are saying, “Knock knock” standing at the doorstep of everyday life. What more, children say, “ki moja Pujo eshe gelo” (great fun the Pujas have come), and elders including me looking forward for the first day of the Pujo, Sosthi, that’s the beginning of the five days -- uff! -- can’t imagine the excitement building up for the coming days. One more day and then the daily routine of life will be different from the regular activities -- ektu (little) different from the regular schedule of life. O God, my language is becoming a mish-mash of Bangla and English words. It happens, it happens in India, nothing to worry.

I’m not thinking about pandal hopping that’s going to happen in my life after a couple of days, but, now I’m more concerned about my recipe that’s going to get a place here.

I’ve named this recipe Chicken Makha-makha because whenever I cook chicken I ask everyone at home what they like to eat. “What will you like, murgir jhol (chicken curry), chicken dopiyaza, kadhai chicken, chicken roast…”, before I can carry on – mind you I don’t have many more options to give them – am delighted to hear -- “keno chicken makha-makha kore daoo (why? Cook chicken makha-makha) ”. Thus this recipe has a name of its own in my home.