Monday, December 23, 2013

A Great Sunday Affair with lots of Goodies – a share of Vanilla Cake and some Sweet Takes…

Yesterday was a Sunday which I didn’t let it go so easily. I knew Sunday was coming and Sunday knew it was also going to make its weekly round as usual. Had thought of going out with family, have a good meal somewhere and then the cold winter evening could be spent buying something or doing some window shopping. But none of these things happened. 

With wishes unfulfilled, I was sure to catch hold of my Sunday and spend my time with this day preparing something in the kitchen. At least some good snacks to come up during evening tea-time…

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Masur Dal with Chalta (Tak-Dal) – Red lentils cooked with Elephant Apple (Sour Dal)

Dal goes hand-in-hand with Bhat (rice). They are friends of one another on the lunch spread. The other day there was a conversation going on between Dal and Bhat.

Dal: Bhai (brother) Bhat, today is so cold.

Bhat: Don’t you know that winter has already stepped in?

Dal: I know because Didibhai, puts my bowlful in the micro-oven and switches it on to warm me up.

Bhat: Hey Dal Bhai, you seem to be so stupid. Didibhai warms all of us before serving as Dada babu likes hot food during these winter days.