Monday, December 23, 2013

A Great Sunday Affair with lots of Goodies – a share of Vanilla Cake and some Sweet Takes…

Yesterday was a Sunday which I didn’t let it go so easily. I knew Sunday was coming and Sunday knew it was also going to make its weekly round as usual. Had thought of going out with family, have a good meal somewhere and then the cold winter evening could be spent buying something or doing some window shopping. But none of these things happened. 

With wishes unfulfilled, I was sure to catch hold of my Sunday and spend my time with this day preparing something in the kitchen. At least some good snacks to come up during evening tea-time…

It was easy. There were eggs and butter in the fridge. Maida and sugar was there in the jars which feel proud to have them. Baking powder in the little container and vanilla essence, I had got lately from the market.
I have a little weighing machine which comes handy. Took it out and weighed:

My mini weighing machine

4 eggs:  240gms
Sugar: 240gms
Maida: 240gms
Baking powder: 2 tbsp
Vanilla essence: 1 ½ tsp.
Butter: 200gms

The next process was:

Eggs broken and beaten. The mixer did the job of mixing the sugar and the eggs. Poured out the mixture and added maida and baking powder which had been sieved and kept for this time. As the maida was getting mixed the butter was melted in the micro oven and was ready to go into this mixture. Soon in went the vanilla essence and the batter for the cake was ready to be baked.

Like my little weighing machine, I was in a mood to go back to some early days and wanted to use the baking oven that was bought long time back. This baking oven does not even have a regulator and so the cake has to be checked from time-to-time so that it doesn’t get burnt.

Baking Oven - Old is Gold
Lined up the baking tray that had been dusted well after greasing and spreading some maida along its sides and the bottom with the paper that had also been greased with some oil and lined the baking dish with it. Poured the batter and put it in the oven…it has given me so much service earlier…and let the baking start.

Approximately 20 minutes and soon the aroma of vanilla and the cake began to reach the ‘sense of smell’. And then after some more minutes, the cake began to rise and the top became brown. Opened the lid, pierced in the knife to find that baking was perfect…and really it was done…perfect, very perfect. Put the lid back and let the cake sit for another couple of minutes in it.

Next was to make some sweets. A packet of gulab jamun mix was lying in the cupboard. First made some sugar syrup and set it aside. Next made the dough from the mix and made small balls from it. Fried them till dark brown and put them in the sugar syrup. Got 29 of these tasty gulab jamuns. It is so easy to make these jamuns for the packet gives full instruction.

Pack of Gulab Jamun mix
With tea-time round the corner, it was obvious that tea had to be made. 

Tea poured out in the cups, the cake sliced and the gulab jamuns served out in a bowl, what a Sunday feast we had at home.

No regrets for not going out. It can be a next Sunday happening. So my time with this Sunday had been “A Great Affair”.

© gouri guha 2013


  1. a sunday well spent I must say. am not baking much this year but yours looks very festive. have a great xmas.

  2. Merry Christmas to you. At times we think something but something else happens. It was a good time spent and good food too with it.
    Lots of love,