Friday, May 23, 2014

Pista Kulfi – Aha! Every bite brings the COOL – Summers Delight

Kulfi, every Indian and also visiting Videshi know about Kulfi and enjoy the taste of it.

Some Videshi’s refer to this sweet cold milky Kulfi as “The Ice cream” of India. And why not this is the same as ice cream with the only difference being that Kulfi comes in a hard moulded form to give a bite while ice cream goes through a lot of churning and is soft.

Eating Kulfi from a street kulfi vendor is a pleasure for me. The huge matkas (huge earthen pots) filled with kulfis in their moulds sitting among the ice pieces to keep them cool and the pot covered with the red cloth. It is nice to see the kulfi out of the mould on a leaf…nature and food…sliced into pieces and then handed over to be enjoyed with every bite.

Home-made Kulfi also has a special charm of its own, and, why not, made in the home to eat to ones fill…want an extra one, have it, want to have more later on, find it in the deep freezer later on.

No more words for the Kulfi wants to tell its own story of how it can be made at home.


Take about 2litres of milk.

Put it to boil till it is reduced to one-third. Don’t forget to stir and move your hand round and round or else the milk will stick to the bottom of the pan.

Next add about 4-5 tbsp of sugar and stir constantly for 3-4 minutes. Amount of sugar, individual taste and want.

Now add the Pista that has been chopped.

Stir for a couple of minutes and switch off the gas.

Let it cool.

The next part is to pour this reduced milk into the kulfi moulds.

Time to place the kulfi moulds in the deep freezer for about 6-8 hours.

Bring them out. Place the mould under running water for a little time so that the Kulfi comes out properly without any struggle.

Slice and serve.


Can add condense milk to thicken the milk quickly.

Also can add about 1 tbsp of cornflour mixed in water to the boiling milk to ease and quicken the thickening process.

KULFI ASKS: When you made it the way I said, did you enjoy your own treat? (smiles away and waits for the answer)

© gouri guha 2014

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