Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sweet Dish – Something which my Mother made Tasty and Different…Ma's Homely Kalakand

This is a simple Sweet Dish which my Ma made and how we relished it.

…and I made this specially when my milkman gave me large quantities of milk that curdled in his huge milk can during the peak summer days.

Knowing very well that he would not return with the curdled milk, he would come to me and ask if I would like to have some and that too without paying for it. He travelled long distance from early morning distributing the required quantity in different homes.

“Every day is not same Didi. See the milk in this milk can have curdled and I don’t like to take it back. Why carry back the entire load when there is more work at home. Will you take some? Sudhadidi will also take this and I like to empty my milk can before reaching home. You see the sun is high up and it is so hot. (Covers his head with the wet gamcha that hung half in front and half at the back on his right shoulder).

He sits on the floor of the front verandah and I offer him a glass of water. He drinks and asks for some more. Quenches his thirst and pours out some of the curdled milk into the dekchi I have brought. Goes on to ask, 

“What will you do with this?”

“I will make some sweets from this. Learnt it from my mother”. 
“Typical Bangali Didi”, he says and laughs. Gets up and moves on saying, “My little Dada babus will not get milk today. Tomorrow I’ll come early” and he leaves.

I read the concern on his face about my little sons not getting their milk…but there is always a standby quota at home in the form of powder milk. So I don’t worry.

Making this is soooooooooooo simple.

Don’t throw away the curdled milk but make this sweet dish…sort of Kalakand but not so…

Let the curdled milk sit on high flame.

When the boil comes don’t drain the water but let the liquid and the solid cook till the water has reduced to one-fourth.

Now add sugar…depends on your sweet tooth…ha ha ha…

Time to be alert and go on stirring till there is no more water left but the solid parts of the milk get a caramelised finish.

Pour it out and let it cool before serving.

Savouring it hot there is every chance to burn the tongue and the inside of the mouth which will keep on pestering for a long time.

I love the taste but it up to you to make and taste and find out about this Homely Kalakand…that’s what Ma called it…maybe a tricky name…but then the unforgettable taste lingers for……………..

© gouri guha 2014

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