Thursday, September 25, 2014

Palong Saager Chorchori Rui macher matha diye – Rohu fish head with Palak/Spinach – not a bombshell…

The rui macher matha had been divided into two, the act carefully done by the fish monger. It was a busy day in the fish market and the fish monger had little time to hear and take care to dress the fish the way his customers wanted. But to keep his regulars in good humour…chances are there of losing the regular customer for the customer is always right…he tried to satisfy his known people.

“Separate the peti and the peeth and make pieces so that no one will grumble and say, ‘aamar piece-ta choto keno?’”

“I understand what you say, aar matha taar ki korbo, gota na adha (will I keep the head as one or cut it into half)”.

I was happy at least he cared for me and my need. “Aadha kore dao”…the rest of the conversation lost in the din of the fish market.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Anarosher Chutney/ Pineapple chutney

We Indians are very fond of different kind of chutneys. The word Chutney brings water to the mouth. Every state and every household have their own way of making chutney…but the taste in the mouth never fails to give praise every time it is eaten.

There are different kinds of favourite chutneys like: