Thursday, November 20, 2014

Boondi/Boondiya/My Yellow Pearls – Sweety Sweet

Someone asked me, “Why have you not written on your food blog for a long time?”

It surprised me. I said with all simplicity, “Didn’t feel like writing.”

“But…” and then nothing more. The topic changed and it was all about politics, Swach Bharat, some likes and dislikes about all that’s going on and so many other things that need no mention at all (here).

There is always a space in life to work, if not from the front, from the space that is comfortable. And in all this it has become very necessary for each and every individual to see that we keep our country clean. Then I am not a preacher but a thinker…cleanliness is so essential in the kitchen.

Khatta, meetha, teekha, make up life. Today I’m here to share something sweet.

The Yellow Pearls must be worrying some thoughts and some may smile while some will open their mouth to laugh.