Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cholar Dal Mulo Diye – Chana Dal Cooked with Radish

When the winter’s morning sun falls on the open space where this little 'self' – of course the 'selfless self' – is sitting…what a moment, not moment but the time that is spent with the sun to get a bit of natural light and heat. And what more can be better – this ‘self’ is reclining on a chair with a book in hand, reading away and enjoying the writer’s words, and sipping away tea from the cup close at hand. Wish all this could be so simple, lazing away and…

This thought is suddenly disturbed when it comes to mind that the kitchen is waiting for this person to enter and then start off to cook for ‘self’ and people at home.

If there would have been no work and everything acquired at the thought of it, how different would have been life on this earth?

We read and enjoy the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, and, even at times it strikes
my mind, ‘if only I had a lamp like this then…’ no answer for daily activities of life is a must. Aladdin’s lamp is exciting to read and think about but work at home is always waiting.

My Ma used to cook this dish ‘Cholar dal mulo diye. and I love it. From one generation to another it has come down and will move on.

This dish is very simple and takes very little time to cook and serve.

Preparation before cooking:

Soak 2 cups Cholar dal/chana dal for about 10-15 minutes.

In the meantime cut 2 mulo/radish, first cut the whole into half lengthwise and then cut into small pieces.

Radish/Mulo cut into small pieces

The masala box, holding the different masalas in one place, is of great help.

In a small bowl take 2 tsp. dhania powder, ¼ tsp. haldi powder, ¼ tsp. red chilli powder and half cup water. Mix all the spices in the water and let it stand till needed.

Keep the salt and sugar jars at hand for use later.

Start with the cooking:

Pressure cook the dal with 3 ½ cups of water. Add some haldi powder and cook till the dal is done.

Cook the mulo/radish pieces separately with some salt and water till they are soft but have that bite.

Next heat about 2 tbsp oil. To the oil add some whole jeera/cumin seeds (2 -3 tsp) and 2 whole red chillies broken into half and let it splutter.

A minute and then pour the masala that has been soaking and waiting. Stir and cook on slow fire so that the masala does not burn.

Next add the salt and cook till the oil starts to leave the side.

To this pour the cooked dal and mix well.

Next add the radish and mix well.

Add sugar to your taste (I prefer the dal on the sweeter side so added 2 ½ tsp).

The dal should not be too watery but have a thick body. 

Serve with hot rice. It tastes great with hot luchi’s/puris and parathas.

I voice, “Beat the cold” with a hot dish like this.

 © gouri guha 2014

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