Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kalakand – Something sweet for Makar Sankranti

Among the many different kind of sweets found in India, Kalakand holds a place for itself. In this country of diversity, food has its own role to play. Food in the eastern region may be a bit different from the western part while food in the north and the south may be poles apart in taste, but people love to eat and enjoy food that may not be very common in their region. Food also bring together people of this country that has an uniqueness of ‘unity in diversity’.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kathi Goja/Bengali Misti Goja/A Sweet Snack Treat

Kathi Goja/Bengali Misti Goja/A Sweet Snack Treat 

This is no Crossword Puzzle nor General Knowledge Test nor the School or College or University exam. A simple sweet savoury that is sweet and tasty and a ‘Tea-time Delight’.

The Goja is very common in Bengali homes. This has passed down from one generation to another.

Are Goja’s still doing rounds in homes now-a-days? A mind boggling question, but, it still has an answer.

Some people still like to eat and relish their home-made Goja’s. So it is still made in many homes.