Friday, February 13, 2015

Piyajkoli diye Rui Macher Jhol/Rohu fish Curry Cooked with Scallion/green onion – a love-affair and a love story…

Winter came treading slowly and steadily. She is the special guest of the year for most Indians. I can say there are hardly few who do not like Winter to be the guest of the year. People across the length and breadth of India welcome this season with open arms. However, those parts who have to face the harshness of Winter will not smile on her advent. Winter’s sister Summer, imagine how many hate her arrival and wait for her to leave.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sonje phool aar saag Bhaja/Simple fry of Drumstick flowers and leaves – Simple and easy dish – And lots of health benefits.

Living in houses with lots of open space and a garden is a rarity these days. To think of a mango tree, jackfruit tree, guava tree, drumstick tree, Jaam and Jamrool trees, and some other trees in a garden in a city-house is a dream. The Champa, the Shuili, the Joba, the Tagar, the Madhumalati creepers, and so many other flowering plants give us their hue of colours when they bloom. But is this the truth that one can see in high rise apartments?