Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dimer Chop/Egg Chop/Anda Chop – When evening Snack-time comes calling…

At times I wonder, “how nice it would be to be served with a plate of some nice snack in the evening and eat away, enjoy and not a bead of sweat on the forehead for no labour has been put in by me”. Sometimes the thought of making some evening snack drives me crazy.

And it was so on this day. Sitting quietly, with legs put up on the stool and enjoying a TV programme, when, a glance at the clock made me get up. It was a sort of a hurried stand-up as time tried to say, “Get up lazy bug, enter the kitchen and make some tasty snack. I think your hungry stomach also want something to fill the gap in the stomach.”

I had to make headway…what to cook…a peek into the fridge…eggs beckoned me…and potatoes in the basket also wanted to come to my aid.

The thought of making some Dimer chop/Egg chop/ Anda chop, came by.

Put 4 eggs to boil as I hummed the jingle, ‘Sunday ho ya Monday, rooz khaoo ande’.

4 potatoes cut them into four pieces each and let the pressure cooker do the boiling process.

Chopped 2 medium onions and grated an inch of ginger and set them aside.

After removing the skin of the boiled potatoes. Mashed them. Added ½ tsp of haldi and red chilli powder, salt to taste and mixed it up with the mashed potatoes.

Next the shells of the boiled eggs removed and halved lengthwise.

Once everything was ready at hand, started to give the final touch.

Poured 1 ½ tbsp. of cooking oil into the wok and waited till the smoking time.

Next added the grated ginger and stirred on slow fire for one minute.

Then added the chopped onion and let it cook till it took the harsh pink colour.

And next…what, what, what, hmmmm…the mashed potatoes went it. Cautiously stirred it so that it got cooked properly with all the added spices. By now the mashed potatoes started changing colour…no not the chameleon type…but making sure it has been cooked rightly. Off…where to…on to a plate to sit and cool till the next call comes.

Now cautiously took a big chunk of the potato mix and spread it out on the palm and the put the half boiled egg. Next covered the egg all around with the potato mix and give it the shape of a chop.

With 4 tbsp of besan/gram flour and some water made a batter (thin batter).

Dipped the chops in the besan/gram flour batter one by one and then, coated them carefully with freshly make bread crumbs and then, deep fry.

Once fried, placed them out on a kitchen towel to drain out any excess oil.

(Serve with home-made green chutney or some sweet and sour tamarind chutney.)

I and my family enjoyed our share of the snack with my special hot, sweet and sour tamarind chutney.

So crunchy on the outside and so soft and tasty inside.

A home-made snack incomparable for so much effort and love has gone into The Making.

Different note: Will share my special Chutney later on.

© gouriguha 2015

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