Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lau-ar-Cholar Dal Tarkari/Lauki and Chana Dal Sabzi/ Bottle Gourd and Split Bengal Gram Curry – Tasty dish for dinner-time with hot rotis

At times I feel great cooking something interesting and flavourful for dinner. And one such dish I can share is the Lau-ar-Cholar Daler tarkari (Chana Dal Sabzi/ Bottle Gourd and Split Bengal Gram Curry).
Though a simple dish, yet it tastes great and is very healthy. Today there will not be much addition of words, sentences, paragraphs but the rest of the body of this text will carry the culinary procedure of a Dinner Special Tarkari.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Kumro Phool Bhaja/Pumpkin flower fritters – Not for the flower vase…

When the doorbell rang early in the morning, for me this was an unusual time for the bell to ring. But, never know when one can be there giving a call by the ding-dong ring.
In a hurry, as I opened the door, a middle-aged man stood there with a bunch of yellowish-orange colour flowers in his hand. It surprised me when he stretched out his hand and said, “Would you like to have these?”