Thursday, December 10, 2015

Aloo, Begoon, Sojne Da(n)tha and Bodi Tarkari/ Potato, brinjal, drumstick curry cooked with sundried lentil dumplings

Sometimes a simple and healthy curry can make a lot of difference when added to the menu chart of the day. Taste buds at times yearn for a curry that is light and goes well with rotis and parathas served hot from the hot tawa sitting on the flame and burning, to give the best from its top when its bottom is hot and burning. There is not much to talk about the tawa or the roti or paratha but more to tell about a simple dish which is a storehouse of taste.

Aloo/potatoes are always readily available in most of our households. Winter and begoon/brinjal are good partners and some of this veggy can be found in the fridge. Sojne da(n)tha/drumsticks are rare. But if this is available along with these two, what a combo can be made. Bodi/sundried lentils can be found in the market and also the lady of the house can store the home-made bodi for the whole year. Home-made or from the store bodis, will do for the cooking. But home-made ones taste better and…next time think of making some bodis at home as it is easy…then next time can be next time…
Coming to the simple curry:

2 Aloo/potatoes (each one peeled and cut lengthwise into 6 pieces)

2 Begoon/Brinjal (halved and cut lengthwise like the potatoes)
4-6 Sojne da(n)tha/drumsticks (2 inch long pieces)

As Bodi/sundried lentils do not belong to the vegetable group, it comes here on its own. 8-10 Bodi, fried in hot oil and kept for later use.

Haldi powder: 1 tsp.

Red chilli powder: ½ tsp.
Salt to taste

Sugar(optional) 1 tsp.

Cooking oil 1 tbsp
Now the cooking…

Heat oil in a kadhai.
First add the potato pieces to the hot oil and stir fry.

After 2 minutes, add the brinjal pieces. Again a couple of minutes stir fry and the add the sojne da(n)tha.
Stir and then add salt, haldi powder, red chilli powder and cook all the ingredients for a couple of minutes.

Now add sufficient water to cook the vegetables and for the thin gravy.
Add sugar, cover and cook till the vegetables are cooked properly.

Add the fried bodi, cover and cook for a couple of minutes.
The bodi will absorb the gravy, so make sure there is enough gravy to eat with the rotis or parathas.

Sprinkle chopped fresh dhania on top.

In winter this simple healthy curry is a favourite in my home.
Try and taste it and it’s up to individual taste buds to try again or…

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