Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fish ball Curry – Fish balls Topped-up with Thick Gravy

It is said, “Every day is not Sunday”. Who said it and why, subject does not come in for debate for there is no debate at all on this topic. To make it easier, I can only say, same food does not interest the taste and appetite every day.

Who likes the scorching hot sun of the summer with its heat and warmth? I think for Indians in India, not living in the coldest parts of this country, winter is soooooo welcome. Winter days are enjoyed with lots of good food, lots of outings, picnics with picnic baskets filled with interesting food items, and of course there is lots of knitting in waiting and stitching…wrong, wrong, wrong, I own up my wrong thought, stitching can be done throughout the year…

Now that reminds me of some stitching that has been waiting to be finished. With an injured finger the work is lying but soon I’ll be able to complete my work.

Nice I thought of giving a twist in cooking this dish.
“What?” said S when she heard about it. “Have you ever tasted something like this or made this dish earlier”.

“No, but what’s the harm in trying out”, that’s all I told her and then went on with my preparation.

Making the Fish balls:

For the preparation of the fish base, it’s same as Fish Cutlets. See Here for Fish Cutlets.

Instead of giving the potato and fish mix the shape of patties,

Take small chunks and give them the shape of round balls.

Next (for 15-18 Fish balls)

½ cup besan/gram flour

Salt to taste

Pinch of baking powder.

Take all these ingredients in a bowl and add some water to make a thin batter.

Now dip each fish ball in the batter and deep fry them till dark golden brown.

Keep the fried balls aside.

Preparing the gravy:

Make a paste of 2 medium size onions, 1 inch ginger, and 6-8 garlic cloves.

Chop 2 tomatoes.

Heat oil in a kadhai.

Add the onion, ginger, garlic paste to the hot oil and sauté for 3-4 minutes.

Next add 1/2 tsp haldi powder and 1/2 tsp red chilli powder and stir fry.

Then add the chopped tomatoes and cook till the tomatoes are mushy and cooked.

Add salt and cook till the oil separates and shows on the sides of the cooking vessel.

Add sufficient water to make not very thick not very thin gravy.

Cook for 3-4 minutes.

Switch off the flame.
Let the gravy cool a little.

Before serving place the fish balls in the serving bowl. Pour the gravy over the fish balls and serve.

Remember the fish balls should not be cooked in the gravy over fire as they will become soggy. Even while pouring the gravy, it should not be very hot but cooled a little.

Serve with rice or with hot rotis.

This dish was relished with satisfaction.

So every day need not be Fish Curry or Fish Cutlet day but can be Fish Ball Curry day. Isn’t it???

© gouriguha 2016

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