Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nankhatai – Baked Indian Cookies – Eggless Indian Cookies

There are different kinds of Nankhatai. These are the ones made with butter…simple Butter Nankhatais.
Wanted to bake some of these Nankhatais and got time for it. Having some time in hand in the afternoon, thought I could bake Nankhatais, the main secret is I love these baked cookies and it also needs very little time to make the dough.

Coming to the ingredients  needed:

Maida, butter and sugar.

Maida: 250gms

Sugar: 125gms

Butter: 125gms
Some cream and milk if needed.

As this is the butter Nankhatai, the quantity of butter makes it very tasty.

Nankhatai’s can be baked and then stored in a jar for few days.

This quantity for the dough is enough to make 17-18 Nankhati’s.

To make:

Powder the sugar.

Next place the butter in a bowl and add the powdered sugar.

Beat the butter and the sugar with a whisk to mix it well.

Next add the maida and 2 tbsp of cream and 4 tbsp of milk to make soft dough.

(NOTE: addition of milk and cream depends on the need of the softness of the dough).

Next cut out 18 small portions from the dough and give them round shape.

Bake them for about 18 - 20 minutes till golden. The cookies may seem soft but don’t over bake them. Once it cools down it will harden.

Store in air tight jars to last for at least 6-7 days.

I don’t like to eat them fresh but prefer to eat and enjoy my home-made cookies the next day with my cup of tea.

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