Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kochuri and Simple Aloo Torkari/Kachauri and Aloo Sabzi – Sunday Special Breakfast

Sunday starts late. After all this day brings the thought…relax, enjoy your time, spend time with family and outings too come the way…that’s what Sunday brings with it.
The weekdays have their own busy schedule stamped in the daily routine and when Sunday comes there is sunshine on the faces.

A late breakfast stands and stares as we, at home, sit to gobble it up…more so as it looks great and delicious…for this is not the regular EvErYdAy (everyday) breakfast.

But who is responsible for this lovely breakfast.

I, me and only me.

…all this for my loved ones.

Kochuri and aloo tarkari special was all that I had placed on the table. The greedy eyes looked at them. Temptation. And greed. And hunger was calling.
It was not that simple, but, not that difficult to cook.

Peeled and cubed the potatoes. Chopped some tomatoes. With spices close at hand, first made the aloo tarkari/aloo ka sabzi.

Kadhai on the burning oven. Very little oil and then a teaspoon of panch phoron and two dry red chillies broken and thrown into the hot oil.

A minute of crackling and then the cubed potatoes join them.

Two minutes stir fry and then the tomatoes go in.

Soon some haldi powder and red chilli powder and salt to taste and little sugar come together.

Another couple of minutes to mix all the ingredients.

Then some water.

With a cover in place for easing the cooking, another seven to ten minutes and the potatoes are soft and ready to be served.

While the aloo tarkari was cooking…

The green peas stuffing was in the making. Blanched the green peas and made a paste of it.

Cooked the peas with some oil, salt, and haldi powder till the raw smell was gone.
After switching off the flame added some roasted jeera and red chilli powder to the cooked green peas.

Stuffing ready.
Time to make the kochuris/kachauris.

Used atta and maida ratio 3:1  (I have used atta and maida, can use only maida) and made a dough by adding some oil and salt.

Once done, kept to rest for few minutes.
Next cut off little balls and the made bucket pockets and stuffed each one with the green peas stuffing.

Rolled out the kochuries/kachauris and deep fried like making luchis/puris.

No plating like I see chefs doing this on their shows.

Poured out the aloo tarkari/sabzi into a serving bowl.

Piled up the kochuris on a big plate and placed them on the table.

Each one picked up what they wanted and breakfast was really enjoyed with hot tea coming next to give the finishing touch.

© gouriguha 2016

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