Saturday, May 28, 2016

Papdi Chaat – Easy to relate to Indian Street Food

Think of Chaat, the mouth starts salivating.
The very word ‘Chaat’ brings to the mind the taste of sweet, sour, spicy, sharp, strong, crunchy, munchy, and all tastes put together to create a good tasty plateful.

An outing on a weekend evening, eyes search the streets for the ‘phuckawallah/golgappawallah or a chaatwallah’ standing with his ‘thela’ to serve tasty, tasty street food.

Street food vendors are sought after by old and young alike.

Who cares to think about hygiene when enjoying a plate of chaat or some phukas/golgappas from the roadside street food vendor?

Papdi Chaat made at home is the recipe for today.

It is so easy to make Papdi Chaat at home. Once it is tried it will be the demand by all at home with words like, ‘once again tomorrow’.

For today let me move on sharing my Papdi Chaat.

First, make the Papdi.

For this make a dough of maida, some ajwain, salt mixed together.

Next roll it out with the help of a polling pin into a big flat, thin round shape.

With the help of a cutter, cut out small round shapes.

Make small cuts on the round shapes.

Fry these papdis till they look dark and crispy.

To assemble the Papdi Chaat on a plate:

Ingredients needed:

Fried papdi.

Boiled potatoes cut into tiny pieces.

Some Sev. I have used home-made sev.

Sweet and sour home-made tamarind chutney.

Finely chopped fresh coriander.

Next step:

Take a serving plate.

Crumble the papdi’s into small pieces.

To this add good amount of potato pieces.

Next add the tamarind chutney.

Add salt to taste (be careful while adding salt).

Mix all these together.

Next top-up with some sev and chopped dhania.

The plate is ready to be served.

…and everyone says, ‘rastar chaatwallahr cheye o taste ta bhalo laglo (it tastes better than the ones made by the chaatwallah)’.

Compliments, they come they go, but, the kitchen is open at home for some good and tasty food.

© gouriguha 2016

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