Friday, March 17, 2017

Chicken Pakoda

Chicken lovers go ‘gaga’…by the word gaga I don’t mean Lady Gaga but simply want to say, some people get very enthusiastic and excited…on hearing about CHICKEN PAKODA.

…all for the love of chicken…and…a plate full of chicken pakodas with some sauce like that of chilli and tomato and some fresh thin onion rings…and the magic of savouring…

Here I stop all about eating for the recipe of this simple home-made Chicken Pakoda is coming up.

Not an exam sheet but a simple blog post with nothing much to worry but write down the way I do it.

Has anyone got the patent of this name ‘Chicken Pakoda’, I’m not sure. If I jog my memory I think of a big NO.

This ‘style and make’ is from my little home kitchen.

The reader may say ‘you are a feku’.

I’ll smile and keep quiet.

Silence is golden, so, I don’t like to waste my golden silence.

Let me jot down the required ingredients and the way of making it.

Boneless chicken pieces. Ginger garlic paste (home-made preferred). Salt. Crushed pepper corns. Lemon juice. Egg white. Oil. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and keep it aside for at least an hour and half. Can also refrigerate it for this time.

Make a batter of (more) maida and very (less) besan and salt and chilli powder.

Batter consistency thick enough to dip the chicken pieces into it and deep fry in hot oil.

Once done with this whole process, serve the chicken pakodas with some sauce and onion rings.

The mouth-watering stops once the pakoda goes into the mouth.

True or not, left to the decision making table.

© gouriguha 2017

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