Friday, May 11, 2018

Sondesh/Sandesh – Bengali Sondesh – Easy to make, Tasty to eat

How it started.

Morning. The milk, as usual, sat on the stove fire in a pan.

And lo behold.

As the boiling point comes, the milk starts curdling.

I am surprised, and pressing the palm on my fore, I start thinking what to do with this one and a half liter of curdled milk.

Idea. Rushed to the fridge, opened it and took out two fresh lime.

Simmered the flame. Cut the lime, squeezed out the juice. And then added a little water to it and poured the lime juice into the curdling milk pan.

Flame put on high.

The solid separates. Few minutes till the Chenna is ready.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Medhu Vada

Today I made some Medhu Vadas for evening snacks.

Easy and simple to make and tasty to eat.

Home-made food is always in the comfort zone in the family. But people also enjoy food in restaurants or road-side food stalls. Eating home-made items gives a different pleasure and food from outside has its own pleasure to spread as they are savoured.

Anyway, after a long time today’s Medhu Vada finds a place in my blog.

I say ‘CHEERS” to me and tap my back for making a comeback after such a long span.