Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keema Tarkari – Minced Meat Curry the Spicy and Juicy way...

This recipe had been waiting for a long time to get a place in this spot.

I make sure whenever we get minced meat from the butcher, tell him what I want to cook – keema curry, tasty kebabs or simple meat meat balls. For keema curry, the minced meat is coarser than that for meat-balls and kebabs. It is the goat meat keema that brings taste to the keema choice.

How can I forget our regular butcher making keema in his own way. In small towns where I grew up the butcher’s chopping board was the trunk of a tree cut to the size of a low stool. He sat on his small low bench placing the piece of meat on the wooden board and with his huge knife he hit the meat constantly with the knife cutting it again and again from small to smaller pieces. Nowadays a butcher’s shop has a neat and tidy look and a machine to mince.

For the Keema curry:

Keema (minced meat): 500 gms

3 potatoes peeled, washed and cubed. 1 tomato washed and chopped into small pieces.

Make a paste of 3onions, 5-6 garlic flakes and 1 inch ginger.

3-4 tej pata (bay leaves), 5 cardamom, 2-3 cinnamon sticks, 4-5 cloves.

Haldi powder, red chilli powder (the heat that suits your taste buds), salt to taste, sugar ½ tsp and cooking oil (about 6 tbsp). I’ve used mustard oil. You can use the oil you feel comfortable with.

Heat oil in a pressure pan. Add the cubed potatoes once the oil is hot. Lightly fry the potatoes and take them out. Tip in the tej pata and half crushed cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. These spices will release their aroma. Now add the onion, ginger garlic paste and sauté. Lower the flame and cook the masala for 4 minutes. Once it is half cooked add the tomato. Within a short time the tomato will start giving out its juice. Time to add the haldi and chilli powder. Stir the masala regularly. After 2-3 minutes add salt and sugar and then add the keema to it. Cook till the masala mixes well with the keema and oil leaves the side. Add the potatoes and cook for a little time. Add water enough for the gravy. Pressure cook for 4-5 minutes. Open the lid once the cooker cools down and serve.

Eat and relish your keema curry with khasta parathas or Luchis (puris). Rotis will do and with rice the taste buds will tell the tale –yum yum yummy...


  1. Jibe jol asha kaake bole ekhuni bujhlam Gouridi! Ah ... darun dekhte hoyeche jhol ta ... ami kobe je khete parbo! Luchir shonge darun .. amar bhaater shongeo bhalo lage. :-)

  2. Hey Sharmila,tomar comment pore aamar khoob bhalo lage.
    Nijer jotno niyo aar sig-gir ekdom shushto hoe otho.

    Good wishes,
    ...and keep smiling...


  3. dekhei khete ichhe korchhe...the colour came out so nice...must be very very tasty....

  4. ami meat khaina tao bolchi dekhe khete ichhe korche. kolkatay ei sabe brishti namlo amar akhon ektu spicy khabar khete ichhe korche aar takhoni tumi eta namale. ki rang hoeche...
    amar ta honest comment nay bolo? mansho khaina tao bollam khule moner katha :-)

  5. Tomar blog ta darun laglo. Ekhon tomar follower hoye gechhi tai ebar theke nischoi ashbo. Keemar curry dekhe to jibhe jol eshe gelo r amar to bhishon priyo. Khub sundor lagchhe dekhte r kheteo sheirokom sundor hobe.
    Amar blog e ashar nemontonno roilo.

  6. wow - made me so nostalgic... loved it back home... somehow it doesn't taste the same here with frozen keema...

  7. Kamalika, bhalo laglo tomar comment ta pore.

    ...and keep smiling...

  8. Sayantani, jano ami o chicken kai na. Kintu ranna kori, sabai bole bhalo ranna kori.
    Tomar honest comment pore bhalo laglo. Not necessary khele pore taar bisho bolbe. You can look at a dish and say about it. Thik bol-lam to?

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    Abar esho.

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  10. Somu, having been born in Cuttack and spending many years in Cuttack and BBSR it had been easy to buy from the butcher as per your choice. In Delhi too I get the meat minced, not the frozen one but done in minutes.
    Kheema ghugni is one of my favourite.

    ...and keep smiling...

  11. Dear didibhai
    This is an wonderful recipe...just reminds me of old time..I just phone up my wife to buy keema for sunday and I wll make this on arrival on sunday.
    Ebar balo to holud kato diyechho..I want to use the exact quantity..
    Aso-le ami excessive holud use kori...kintu kauke bolina...bol-lei sabai holud er gandho pae,...otherwise not ...Ha ha
    Tomar comment poDlam...Cinque terre er opor kichhu photo post kore chhi dekhe nio...
    Tomar onno recipe gulo PoDbo...baDi giye ...


  12. Ushnishda,

    So you are on your way back home on Sunday. I know you will have a bag full of stories to write about.

    As for the holud, apni 1 tsp nilei cholbe keno-na paket holuder eto strong smell nei.

    I'll see the other pictures too. its so hot in Delhi that I'm not keeping well. Bole na "garam lege geche" tai hoeche. Wish we could have a few showers. Till now have not witnessed the Kalboishkir Jhod.Once you're back you'll witness the heat.

    as always nice to read your comment.


  13. Looks fabulous..loved your blend of flavors !

  14. Didibhai,

    I must say that I just don't like the kheema curry made in our house. Perhaps because we use chicken kheema. So we end up having the kheema shammi kebabs our maid makes which are tasty but deep fried. Perhap's I'll try your recipt to the T and see.



  15. Kalyan,
    You can try with mutton keema. Also, for Keema Ghugni, I use mutton keema...for mutton chops...kebabs too...

    Hope you like it.

    ...and keep smiling...
    Didibhai (Gouri)

  16. your dish made me hungry...nice recipe..yummyyyy..

  17. Suman, glad you liked it...

    ...and keep smiling...

  18. tomar ranna gulo darun lagey.jano mutton amar khub priyo.ami khub taratary eai recipe ta banabo.