Wednesday, May 26, 2010

12 O’clock Break with Thanda Sherbat

This is all about the break I’m enjoying just at the strike of noon. Break for what? Absolutely nothing special.

Why is the temperature climbing with every new sunrise? The Met department finds it hard to answer. Everyday Met chart reads something new...from hot, to hotter, to days are scrambling by.

Repeating the word ‘Hot’ reminds of one of the hot ladies of Bollywood, the hot and sexy Mallika Sherawat. I don’t have any fascination for this madam, but news about her is always Hot. From Holly to Bolly, I don’t think she’ll like the word Wood going all alone...not for the sake of sanyas...

How can you side-line Rakhi Sawant, another Hot Prodigy and wave maker of the small screen. She will feel hurt if she is ticked as Limited to the television, for she has advanced her step to the movie world...her Swayamvar falling apart...

It’s the heat that’s making all this noise in my life. The temperature is crossing limits...from 42 to 43, then one step further and then another. And yesterday it reached 45 degrees. The hot breeze that’s blowing across Delhi and whole of North India is making life so difficult. A glass of something thanda (cool) is the need of the hour.

Though the AC is running non-stop, a step into the kitchen is more like moving into a blast furnace.

How I wish someone could make a glass of nimbu pani for me. ‘Self help is the best help’ I tell me wee self. I look at the clock and the 2 hands are stuck at 12 at the moment. In a jiffy I think...a drinks break...I can enjoy.

I take all that I require and come back to my cool room. If I go on ranting about how to make a glass of fresh lime juice you may make fun of me. ‘Simple yaar, don’t bore us’. No descriptions but only writing my feelings as I complete my task.


Of course. The task of making my glass of cold drink.

No more rants...

As I squeeze the juice of half the lime into the glass of water, yes cold water, I can find the seeds going down...drown, drowning and completely drowned. That makes my task easier. I take the spoon and carefully pull them out and keep them in an empty saucer. I had measured my sugar and salt, so it is easy to pour both into the glass and stir till they vanished. Checked for the balance in taste. 'Absolutely fabulous', said my tastebuds.

Now what else, added 3 ice cubes and a sip. The ice-cubes swimming draped in their transparent dress. I sip and let the Cool go down slowly, and I feel, ‘What a relief’. I go on sipping and the ice cubes start getting smaller and smaller. By the time I finish with the last drop the ice has melted completely.

Benefit of my afternoon break, made me feel fresh and cool for sometime...till my lunch hour came knocking at my door.


  1. Perfect drink for a hot afternoon. Luckily the weather here is back to normal ... cool winds the whole day for the past one week. 43 degrees sounds painful. Asha korchi apnara jeno khub taratari thanda brishti paan Gouridi. :-)

  2. Perfect thirst quencher. I can imagine having a cup of lemonade on a hot day, it tastes better. Enjoyed the write-up too.

  3. Gouridi chole eso amar ekhane. besh thanda weather rater dike. tabe ei sharbat ami jekono samay khete pari. rod theke fire ak glass fridge theke...bhablei mon pran thanda hoe jay go. tabe chole eso parle. jamie adda ar ranna kara jabe.

  4. thanda thanda nimbu pani...that looks so refreshing reading your post...keep blogging dear!

  5. A refreshing drink for a hot afternoon. I enjoyed reading your post :)

  6. Hi Gouri

    Shorbot ta dekhtei haath bariye khete ecche korchilo. Even in Bangalore ja gorom poreche je ami prai shorbot banai. Darun photos. Ice cubes have added to th refreshing feeling.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. perfect for a hot day... very relaxing too...

  8. I love nimbu pani too. I think it is perfect for Indian summers especially when made at home. I will make one for myself now :)

  9. Sharmila, hope so...pray for the drops to fall soon to quench the thirsty earth and bring respite for us from this unbearable heat.

    Ms.Chitchat, thanks for your energising comment.

    Sayantani, tomake ekta bodo thank you boli, nimontoonaer jonno. Bangalore gele tomake nischoi contact korbo. Kohon je paunche jabo theek nei. Pray koro jeno amra ektu brishti payee.

    Suman, thanks for the encouragement that your words carried for me.

  10. Rachana Kothari, glad to know you liked the read...this is so refreshing...

    Deepa, kabe jabe aeei garam? Thanks for liking the pics...the ice cubes increase the thanda effect.

    Somoo, so sweet of you to stop by and write a comment.

  11. Rachna, this is so perfect for the heat...mainly for the horrible summer here. Hope you too enjoy your nimbu pani...

  12. Absolutely great, perfect and refreshing drink for summer season to get rid off from scorching heat.

  13. Perfect drink for this scorching summer....Perfect way to recharge ourself.....
    Do visit aathidyam

  14. perfect refreshin drink..frst time here..u have ownderful collection..will keep following u!

  15. Chaitra, you have a lovely blog space and nice recipes too. Will visit again
    Thanks so much for your nice comment.

    Subhie, thanks for being here.
    ...and see you again...

  16. Th best cooler ever :-) Love it :-) We will be in India next week, and I hope it will be raining in Kerala by then...

  17. Gulmohar, have a nice in your hometown...enjoy every moment for you'll meet the monsoon by the time you are in Kerala.
    ...see more recipes when you come back

  18. Wow r making me to have it rgt now in this hot summer....reminding me of my home town... :(
    Thanks for the post....

  19. Perfect for a hot indian summer

  20. Perfect for a hot day..thanda thanda :)