Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aloo-r Chop or say Potato Chops – Something Different with Muri Crumbs

Aloo (potatoes) is liked by every one – Big or Small, Young or Old – all love the taste of potatoes. At times when there are totally no vegetables at home except a few potatoes lying in the basket, nothing to worry. That was what happened with me the other day. With some potatoes at home I was in no mood to cook neither Aloo- dum nor Aloo posto (potatoes cooked with poppy seeds) and I also thought only Aloo bhate (mashed boiled potatoes spiced up with few drops of mustard oil, chopped onions and chopped green coriander) would not solve my problem.

I cooked Dal, Bhat (rice), Aamer chutney (mango chutney), Aloo bhate and then made up my mind to make some Aloo chops, and serve them hot and sizzling for lunch-time.

With my domestic help ‘Absent without Information’, I was facing Trouble and Problem who were trying to make life pathetic for me. I knew both Trouble and Problem were glad to make my life a Hell. I could have easily ordered some food from our neighbourhood Restaurant. But I was not at all willing to submit before the TWO (Trouble and Problem) trouble-makers of my life.

I said, ‘Get, Set and Go’, and then everything began to fall into place. By lunch-time food was ready...a simple meal but everyone enjoyed the home-made food.

I boiled 5 big size potatoes. After peeling off the skin, mashed them using my hand and fingers...that’s how I like to do in my kitchen. Kept some mashed potatoes for Aloo-bhate. With the rest of the mashed potatoes I began working with it.

To the mashed potatoes added...

½ tsp Haldi and ¼ tsp red chilli powder. Then added the salt to taste and some sugar (sugar is optional). Mixed all the spices with the mashed potatoes and kept it for the next process.

Heated 1 tbsp oil in a wok. Put in the mashed potatoes taking care that the potatoes got cooked correctly to get the pinkish touch. Switched off the flame and transferred the contents onto a plate to let it cool.

Once it cooled down, broke up into small quantities that could fit into a fist and slowly gave the chops its final shape.

In the meantime placed my regular frying kadhai (I use an iron kadhai for deep frying as the heat is equally distributed in it) and poured enough refined groundnut oil to deep fry the chops. Placed it on slow burning fire for the oil to warm up slowly.

I had no bread crumbs. My Ma never panicked when she didn’t have bread crumbs. There was always a stock of Muri (puffed rice or murmure) at home. She made a coarse powder of the Muri as a bread crumb substitute. So I took some Muri and the dry grinder did the rest of the work. Spread my coarse Muri-crumb on a plate.

Subsequently made a thin batter of maida and water. You can use a thin besan (chick pea flour) batter, I used maida as my besan jar was empty. Dipped in the aloo chops one by one into the maida batter and then rolled it over the Muri-crumbs and sent them into the oil to come out brown and crunchy.

Once it was done, all of us enjoyed our meal.

These chops can also be served as a tea-time snack...serve with tomato sauce or some home-made chutney. You can also relish this with Tel-muri. For Tel-muri, take some puffed rice (Muri) in a bowl. To this add few drops of mustard oil and salt (to taste), some finely chopped onion, mix well and enjoy the Muri Feast...bite into the chop along with every fill of muri that goes into the mouth.


  1. Eta ektu different kind of aloor chop ... ektu cutlet er moton tai na Gouri di? Not that I am complaining .. perfect and crispy. :-)
    Ei borsha te jome jabe ... meghla hoye ache ... brishti porlei banabo. :-)

  2. I am glad u shared ur mom's trick of making crispy chops with muri. Good one Gouri.

  3. Wow that yummy and crispy chops..will try this.
    something is waiting for you at my place dear..please accept dear.

  4. WOooooow...aloo of my favorite..loved the coating of muri crispes...very innovative...looks heavenly delicious...feel like grabbing it from the screen...mmm...

  5. Hey thats a nice one...really very crispy and i think a good snack....

  6. I enjoyed reading this post and loved the potato chops!

  7. Dear Didibhai
    Ekhuni khete ichhe korchhe....It has been ages since I ate this. I used to eat quite a few in CR park, before coming to Noida, But those are of diff texture. Once the rain starts I am going to try this
    Bhalo theko

  8. Perfect potato chops which made me drool. Nice idea to use murmure instead of bread crumbs,thanks to ur mom:)Clicks are awesome too.

  9. Sharmila, thanks and so nice to read honest thoughts. Brishti kobe ashbe jaane???

  10. Hey Pari, I'm glad to remember my Ma again and share something which I learnt from her. Thanks for the sweet comment.

  11. Hi Suja, first thanks for the comment. So sweet of you for THAT which is waiting for me. Accepted and will show it up here.

  12. Suman, there is always so much to learn from fellow bloggers. Thanks that you liked this and came up with such a nice comment.

  13. Gayathri, thanks dear that you liked this.

  14. Rachana Kothari, thanks so much for your compliments...comments and suggestions always welcome.

  15. Ushnishda, you always speak about CR Park...shows you miss this place...I think the fish market (the most) and the food stalls...
    Sure you'll like this once you make it at home.
    Have a nice weekend.

  16. Ms Chitchat, glad you liked this. My Ma was a great least I can remember her and share her tips with others.

  17. Gouridi,
    Eta darun idea share korely tumi ki murir guro diye o coating kora jaye....In fact ei aloor chop ta bhaja muri diye khetey ja lagbe na...uff lobh lagche dekhe .
    Parle shomay kore esho...

    Hamaree Rasoi

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  19. Quite different and interesting one:)

  20. Deepa, tumi ekbar try kore dekho, result theke jante parbe. Same crispiness pabe.Bhalo laglo tomar comment-ta pore.

    ...and keep smiling...

  21. Hi Malar, thanks for stopping by and the nice comment.

  22. Wonderful recipe Gouri. Raining season and these chops would make anyone ask you for more.

  23. wow!!! so delicious...nice and easy recipe...

  24. very different recipe and looks so yummy. delicious!!!!

  25. Wow Gouri..Potato chops look very inviting..Very smart tip to use muri crumbs instead of bread crumbs..thanks to ur mom for the tip..I'm glad everything worked out for you wellIsince ur doemstic help did not show up)..and u were totally in charge..Trouble and Problem must have enjoyed this dish.

  26. Tempting delicious chops....I will try this...I got a new tip today, murmure instead of bread crumbs.
    I'm glad to follow you.

  27. Madhu, wish the rains come to Delhi soon to give us some respite from the heat. Accepted your awards...sorry for being late...

    Sarah, thanks for being here with your comment.

    SpicyTasty, always great to read your comment...thanks...

  28. Dolly, thanks. Glad to know you liked the tip...Mom's tips give great results...
    Of course Trouble and Problem feel happy when they make one fall in their trap...ha ha...

    Vidhya, warm welcome.You can try this tip. Hope to see you often.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  29. Ei alur chop ta toh pujor jonne ek dom perfect.

    P.S. Durga Pujor event ta jonne tomake invite korte eshechi.

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