Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Green Mango Panna – Simply Summer Comfort

On hot summer days its lots of liquid intake that gives relief and comfort to thirst. So many comfort drinks can be made at home. With lots of green mangoes in this season, mango treats are loved and relished by many...almost every Indian will say, “I love mangoes”.

Green mangoes are rich in vitamin C. In summer whenever Ma made this simple drink she spoke about its power: “This is good to fight against heat stroke and how easily it takes away the tiredness and fatigue created by the heat”...true it is...refreshing my thoughts...

Talking about this it reminds me of the lemonade and soda making factory which was just two houses down the row of buildings on the opposite side of the road of our house. When she added that small quantity of lemonade to this sherbet, minuscule bubbles started coming up and these exploded, spreading the thinnest spray that was born from the bursting bubbles. While some enjoyed the taste with lemonade, it was never to my liking. I loved to see the lemonade coming out of the mouth of the glass, filling up the glass and some crushed ice going into it, making me feel happy as I drank to the last drop. Whenever elders felt uneasy after eating a heavy lunch, they drank a bottle of soda and believe me they belched soon after saying, “Aah! ki aaram (what a relief!)", the relief from the discomfort could well be read on their face.

For this comfort drink all that is needed for 2 glasses of Aam Panna:

Green mango: 1

Sugar: 3 tbsp (I added but you can adjust as to your taste)

Salt: It should be to your taste

Ice cubes or only cold water (as you prefer)

Few drops of ginger juice (if you want the ginger flavour) and a pinch of pepper powder for the spicy touch.

As I said earlier you can add some lemonade, about 1 tbsp for that extra (large) tangy taste, I didn’t.

Now it is time to put in your labour to make this soft drink.

Wash the mango, peel and cut into small pieces discarding the seed. Place the mango pieces in some water in a pan and leave it on the burning stove to cook till it is soft. Let it cool.It is time to add the sugar and salt to the cooked mango and bring together in a blender. Now add lemonade (optional), ginger juice, pepper powder and mix well.

Pour this into two glasses, add chilled water and mix well again. Add some ice cubes before serving.

Beat your heat with this Panna and get some relief from the heat and exhaustion.

Sending this to Nithu's Sizzling Summer Contest


  1. lovely refreshing and yummmmmmmmmmmmy !

  2. Hi Didi

    Looks to be very tangy and refreshing drink. Ideal to beat the summer heat.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. garomer bikele eita pran jurie day. tomar ta darun dekhte hoeche. ki sundor transparent.

  4. A perfect drink to beat the heat :-)

  5. I could understand how much you enjoyed this drink as a child...loved these lines a lot "spreading the thinnest spray that was born from the bursting bubbles". You have a writer in you :). Loved the post as a whole and a very refreshing drink :)

  6. I enjoy reading ur post....all what u have said is rgt...perfect drink in this hot summer...

  7. refreshin drink for this summer. going to try this

  8. Refreshing and aromatic panna...perfect drink for summer!!!

  9. Sarah, thanks for being here.

    kitchen queen, liked reading your words.

    Deepa, your comments are so good to summer still beating down there?

  10. Sayantani, hoping to get some showers...but when???
    ...time can only tell, it says, 'for now bear with this season'.

    Rachana Kothari, a comment from a fellow bloggers is always a welcome.

  11. Manju Rajender, you have a lovely name for your blog...Life is beautiful. Feel honoured reading your comment. For me writing is a passion and first love...and the best part is nice to see my work in print, which of course has been happening with me. There are still many unfinished work pending...can't make time to do full justice.
    Thanks for the encouraging words...and see you again...

  12. GayathriRaj, thanks for liking the read and coming up with this lovely comment.

    Jeyashrisuresh, welcome and thanks for spending time here...for the read and comment.

  13. Vidhya, thanks for your comment.

    Suja nice to see you with your comment.

    Oriya food, thanks dear.

  14. I love aam pora shorbot or aam panna. The smoky flavor just blows me away. :-)