Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rainy day Khi(n)chudi/Khichdi -- tastes the best

My rainy day mood says:

Brishti pore tapur tupur
Khi(n)chudi dilo daak
Aaye Didi ranna korbi aaye
Tor dibo shaath

In English this will read like this...

It is raining pittar patter
Khi(n)chudi came calling
Come Didi cook the dish
I’ll give you company.

It is raining ‘Pitter Patter’ and not the ‘Cats and Dogs’ type. But the clouds are playing the game of ‘Cat and Mouse’...visible now and then lost somewhere. 
Tom and Jerry would have loved this game of Chakka Panja of the clouds and the sky. Who can question the clouds, “How many litres or gallons of water are you carrying on your back and how much will you pour on us?” The clouds can answer in a thunderous voice, but who can read the great noise of thunder.

It’s better to enjoy the rainy day and cook a quick meal. Know what? Simply half an hour and the Khi(n)chudi/Khichdi and hot pakoras are ready. Hear what the Quick Meal said:

Khi(n)chudi dake khi(n)churi dake,
Aaye khabi aaye,
Achaar pokuri-r sathe amar saad
Aaro bede jai

Sweet and Sour Mango Pickles/Achaar

English version:

Khi(n)chudi comes calling
Come and savour me
With achaar and pakoras
The taste is the best.

And then...I’m off for a nap...

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© gouri guha 2013


  1. I had kichuri today !! but with papad and aachar only...Very satisfying meal...

    1. ...can call khichuri a rainy day meal...

  2. our dinner is cooked but with this post of yorus and the pitter patter outside am craving khichdi now.

    1. rains bring so many thoughts...and the sound of pitter-patter...so musical...isn't it?

  3. lovely khichudi to warm up a rainy day :-)

    1. Welcome and thanks to be here with your sweet comment.