Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Friday’s Dinner Treat of Noodles Mixed with Veggies and Eggs

Noodles,  simple easy-to-make dish which brings radiance on the faces when they eat it at home…home-made with little changes as per individual taste…all because of its Made-At-Home tag coming with no prior preparation and no going out and coughing out a good amount from the pocket.

As this dish comes up an anecdote also comes to light all because of its close association with this food.

To make noodles is easy:

Take some noodles, any make, I’ve used Tops vegetarian noodles. There is the direction on the packet, handy for a first timer. A container of water sat on the fire and some salt went in before the water started boiling.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Gulab Jamun made with Milk Powder – Diwali Special -- Easy-to-make and Share is the Mantra

Festive time and all the sweet thoughts go hand-in-hand with the sweets that are savoured. Some say, “joto misti khabe touto misti bolbe (the more sweets you eat the more sweetly you speak).” I can only say, “ke jane baba (who knows)”, for if there would have been so much truth in this then people would have eaten more sweets to speak sweetly…no quarrels, no bad words, no shower of harshness in the speak, and, only love and love would flow like a sweet syrup. If sweets could do this JADOO, then there would be no wars and we would be in peace with our neighbours and our politicians would not go and sit for Peace Talks. There would be no loss of innocent lives due to anger and hatred.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Let the Deepavali lights bring 
love, warmth and brightness 
to your home and lives.