Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Friday’s Dinner Treat of Noodles Mixed with Veggies and Eggs

Noodles,  simple easy-to-make dish which brings radiance on the faces when they eat it at home…home-made with little changes as per individual taste…all because of its Made-At-Home tag coming with no prior preparation and no going out and coughing out a good amount from the pocket.

As this dish comes up an anecdote also comes to light all because of its close association with this food.

To make noodles is easy:

Take some noodles, any make, I’ve used Tops vegetarian noodles. There is the direction on the packet, handy for a first timer. A container of water sat on the fire and some salt went in before the water started boiling.

Waiting for the water to boil and in that time span let me tell you about my Uncle/Mama and his Noodles story. Once we went to a Chinese Restaurant…quite a long time back…two sisters, our young Bro and Mama…had gone for lunch. Mama didn’t like the dim lights there and went on muttering, “ki ondhokar, karor mookh dekha jaach-che-na (It’s so dark, can’t even see each other’s face)”. It was difficult to stop him but to change the topic we told him to tell us about his Desh. His Desh means…then East Bengal and now Bangladesh. He loved to tell us about his Desh and all the beautiful places and the waterways…how they travelled from one place to another by huge boats. Little brother had by then ordered some mixed noodles, chicken and prawn and a plate of prawn fried rice.

Back to my cooking. The water had started boiling, added some oil to it and then let go the whole packet of noodles into it. A little stir now and then…4-5 minutes and then tested one noodle to see if it was done. Another half a minute and drained the noodles on a colander.

As I took out the carrots and capsicum from the fridge, my anecdote continues.

Soon the food was served. Seeing the plate of noodles, Mama cried out quite loudly, “kee re saap diyeche khete, Chinese-ra ja bolte ta khaee. Aami kintu saap khabo na, tomra-o kheoo na, Didi ke bole debo tomra saap khecho (Mama was annoyed at seeing the plate of noodles. He thought it to be snakes cooked and served for he knew Chinese people ate snakes. He threatened to complain to Ma about us eating snakes). We laughed but there was anger also for Mama was making a laughing stock of all of us before other people present there. Somehow he stopped and after much cajoling tasted the dish of snakes (as per his version), and enjoyed it. “Baah! Khoob bhalo saad, tai na (Wow, tastes really good isn’t it)? This time his question did not irritate us but made us laugh out loud LOL.

In the meantime it was time for chopping some onions into thin slices, carrots cut into thin strips and capsicum cut very much like the carrots.

Make egg scramble of 4 eggs and put it aside.

Poured about 1 ½ tbsp of oil in the cooking vessel. Then added the onion and sautéed for about 1 minute.

Added the carrots and some salt to taste. The salt helps in cooking and softening the onion and carrots faster.

2 minutes then in went the capsicum and a stir for 1 ½ minutes.

And next the noodles and a good mix with the veggies in there.

Added some soya sauce and hot and sweet tomato sauce and mixed well.

Added the egg scramble and again a mix-n- match process to end it.

Each one carried their plates and sat before the television to enjoy the programme that was going on.

Whenever I cook noodles I’m reminded of the snake story of our favourite Mama.

But this preparation comes mostly when rotis/chappatis  are not wanted dinner.

© gouri guha 2013

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