Monday, January 27, 2014

Macher Dim Bhaja and Dimer Tarkari – Fried Fish Eggs (Roe) and Curry

This time it is going to be a sharing of two recipes in one Big Shot. Sometimes it is so easy to serve a bhaja and curry -- both served for lunch but the usual Bengali way of serving lunch is all about bhat, dal, sheddho, bhaja, also a pora sometimes, a tak, and the curry of choice. Why only one curry, there can be two or three different curries cooked and served.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mishti Pulao aka Sweet Pulao

For me to make an easy planning for cooking is cook something Easy-to-cook-that-tastes-very-good. If this picture is sketched before everybody in the house even a good dish will make it look like a dish cooked with all the laziness in the world. But my family members have full faith in me. Though they don’t praise me for all the good stuff I take pains to serve, I know in the corner of their heart they relish with hearty content.

What’s the use of beating around the bush and elevate my little self. Today’s delight of my day is Mishti Pulao. A vegetarian dish which can go well with this like some Cholar dal, tomato chutney and cauliflower or cabbage curry cooked in a simple way with no onions and garlic.