Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rui Mach-er Patla Jhol Phool Kopi aar Aloo Diye – Rohu fish cooked with Cauliflower and Potatoes

I don’t have to say much about the relationship of fish with Bengalis. Bangalis love fish and are happy to get even a small share of it with their main meal. You cannot just list every Bangali to this list. Each one has his/her own liking for food.

This is neither a debate nor a discussion about fish and Bangalis. This is not Arnab’s  9pm discussion. Then we could have so many boring people in the panel like Sanjay Jha, who could just deviate from the topic and bore the listeners.

Here is a simple cooking of a fish curry with running gravy. Some newbies to the kitchen want to know and try such simple dishes and I’m here to share this. Go easy…

The simplicity of this curry is it needs very little spices and some vegetables go with it and so this can be a single dish which can go well for lunch with gorom bhat/hot rice. Need not bother to cook anything else for this will satiate the palate and hunger. When time is very less in hand and anyone wants to make a quick curry this is simple and tasty.

To start with, Rui mach/Rohu fish is very common and available in the market. And the fishmonger’s capable artistic style ensures he cuts the fish in proper size and hand over the packet with one hand and the other hand takes the amount to be put into his money-box.

Wash the fish several times. 
Then add salt and haldi powder and mix with the fish pieces.
Heat oil in a kadhai…if you are a Bangali use mustard oil, increases the taste and flavour.
Now fry the pieces till it gets a brown colour on it.
Take out and keep it aside for later use.

Time to cut the cauliflower and potatoes.
1 cauliflower medium size. Cut out the florets, wash them properly.
Take 2-3 potatoes. Peel and then first cut into half. Then cut 3 longish pieces from each half.

To make the curry:
First take some oil in a kadhai, about 2 tbsp and heat it. Fry the cauliflower florets for 5-6 minutes and take them out.
Add 1 tbsp of oil and next fry the potatoes for 3-4 minutes.
Add some powdered masala:
½ tsp. haldi powder
¼ tsp. red chilli powder
2 tsp. dhania powder
Salt to taste
A pinch of sugar (optional)
Then add about ½ a cup of water and cook till the masala if fried which is very much visible as the oil starts to leave the sides.
Next,add water enough for gravy and the potatoes to cook and become soft.
Cover and let the first boil come.
Now add the cauliflower florets and let it cook till both the veggies are fully cooked.
It will take about 10-12 minutes.
Time to add the fish pieces, about 5-6 pieces to it.
Cover and cook for only a couple of minutes.
Switch off the gas stove and serve for lunch.

Gorom gorom bhat and Macher Jhol will make your day.

If there are extra fried fish pieces, keep it for the next day. This will come handy and can also be cooked in some other kind of gravy…change of taste…

Simple, easy Rui Macher Patla Jhol for the day.

© gouri guha 2014