Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dimer Chop/Egg Chop/Anda Chop – When evening Snack-time comes calling…

At times I wonder, “how nice it would be to be served with a plate of some nice snack in the evening and eat away, enjoy and not a bead of sweat on the forehead for no labour has been put in by me”. Sometimes the thought of making some evening snack drives me crazy.

And it was so on this day. Sitting quietly, with legs put up on the stool and enjoying a TV programme, when, a glance at the clock made me get up. It was a sort of a hurried stand-up as time tried to say, “Get up lazy bug, enter the kitchen and make some tasty snack. I think your hungry stomach also want something to fill the gap in the stomach.”

I had to make headway…what to cook…a peek into the fridge…eggs beckoned me…and potatoes in the basket also wanted to come to my aid.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fish Curry in Tomato Gravy – Tomatowala Macher Jhol

Speaking about fish and stories about cooking it in different ways can go on and on. Each and every Grihini (woman of the home) has a different story to tell…from her first fish curry to the recent experiments she carries on to make her fish curry from tasty to tastier to tastiest.

There is no harm to come up with a new version of the traditional one…why should there be any hurdles in the culinary section when the world is moving so fast from HERE to THERE. Now this HERE to THERE is progress and so also…

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mutton Curry and Egg Fried Rice cooked in relaxing mode – Very Special Sunday Funda

At times it comes to mind…very repetitive question…why a lady of the house has no Sunday off…do I qualify to ask such a question or………

Some may qualify my thought as intriguing and some others may be doing a soft verbal bashing under a deep breath.

My memory recollects…spin the wheel back to those years when this carefree girl never wanted or made any effort to enter the kitchen and what to speak…cooking and serving a full meal for lunch or dinner…no way…a simple reply. But…time does so much work…it even changes the mind of a rebellion…and then time brings into life a house where there is this YOU standing alone to find out ways and means to make life move on…to live life, have to eat…to eat, have to cook…and there works the magic wand of time…