Friday, May 22, 2015

Fresh Watermelon and Grape Juice – So Refreshing!!!

The thought of summer makes me sweat all the more. But I welcome summer as it brings with it the mangoes…can’t think of hot summer days without yellow ripe mangoes…and the green ones, they come to the homes to be made into chutneys and pickled to last throughout the year.

With lots of grapes lying in the fridge and the attractive watermelon pieces made me think to quench my thirst by making a juice out of these two ‘friendly or unfriendly’ fruits as I don’t know their friendship status.

But all I could think was to make something interesting out of these two fruits. Having no knowledge how this juice would taste, just experimented on my budding thoughts. And the end result…after they came together…

Grapes: ¾ cups

Water melon pieces: 2 cups

They go into the blender.

Strain the juice.

The juice goes into a glass.

Salt (rock salt preferable), a pinch of sugar (some ice cubes optional, I did not add ice) mixed with the juice for taste.

Soak into dreamy thoughts as one sip after another is taken and the healthy and tasty juice is finished.

The reverie comes to an end once the juice is finished.

Sometimes a trial and error action gives a very good and interesting outcome.

© gouriguha 2015