Monday, June 15, 2015

Beetroot and Potato Cutlet with some Green Peas– A healthy and tasty treat – Evening Snack

Deep fried Beetroot, Potato and Peas Cutlet...healthy and tasty
Want to make some snacks without putting in much effort. This can be tried. No compromise with taste and health benefits. Only the one who has made these cutlets know how minimal the difficulty level is.
“The taste of the pudding is in the eating”. Without wasting time it’s better to enter into the preparation mood and be quick to go for it.

Ingredients and preparation:

1 beetroot (medium size)

3 potatoes

¼ cup blanched green peas

Peel and cut the beetroot into small pieces. Cut the potatoes into four.

Boil the beetroot and the potatoes in the pressure cooker.

Once done mash the beetroot and the potatoes.

Added some blanched green peas.

Mix the peas with the beetroot and potatoes mash.

Next added some salt and very little chilli powder and mix it.
Boiled Beetroot, potatoes and blanched green peas mix
Now made some round shaped patties and give some the shape of chops.
Shallow fry the patties on the tawa for some don’t like deep fried ones.

Patti shapes to be shallow fried
The rest with chop shapes, dip in some besan batter and deep fry.

Chop shaped to be deep fried with besan batter
Beetroot cutlets…some may disagree because of the shapes…were a treat to eat.
Read to be eaten.
A healthy snack made in my kitchen without putting much effort. should remain with the one who made them...isn't it? Ha ha ha...

© gouriguha 2015

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