Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aloo-Potol Bhaja/ Potato and Pointed Gourd Fry/Aloo-Parwal Fry – Simple side-dish for lunch-time

Bengalis like their lunch to be spread of assortments. To start with they will prefer ghee bhat, then some sheddho (like aloo sheddho), a pora can be served (the begun pora), a bhaja and then some Shukto can come. This does not complete the Lunch plate for there is more in store. Along with bhat there is dal. Maybe a niremish tarkari and macher jholor or jhal or paturi or sorshe mach or macher tak or even a mach bhaja or a mangshor tarkari. This can be accompanied with a tak or chutney which is more on the sweeter side and lunch is complete. Did I miss out something…memories drying up with the changes, ha ha ha…

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Aloo and Green Peas Tikki – Aloo-hara matar tikki -- Anytime snack for family and friends

Where to start from?
A big question mark appears.

Yes time has run in a speed which is impossible for me to catch up with.
Again a WHY?

Because I’ve not been keeping pace with time and not written for a long time.

Time the Sprinter is always the winner. Usain Bolt may be the fastest sprinter but competition is also picking up with him.
I have to run a three-legged race with time to run alongside. But now a three-legged race seems impossible for schooldays are gone and childhood has shed its coat.