Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jhal Muri/Tel Muri Cheena Badam aar Kancha Lankar Saad/Swaad – Call it Snack or Name it Time- Pass…

Jhal Muri

Always thoughts splash the mind while writing something. At times the write-up can be under the literary category, sometimes a short story can pop-up, maybe a political or social article or something under the category of FOOD, which is the one I’m concentrating on for now.

When writing about food the area is so vast, and, this area has caught up with people who love to eat, cook and invite people to their home to eat, (of course relish) their home-cooked food. This is not for the fancy of getting heaps of praises on the back (maybe so heavy to carry, just joking), but all for the sake of love for Food.

Jhal Muri is such a common preparation. Jhal Muri eaten from the filled-up paper cone sold out by the hawkers mostly in places that attract a lot of people, has a taste and smell of its own. The man, why did I say The Man, for till now I’ve not seen women selling Jhal Muri, maybe I’m wrong…

The Jhal Muriwala is mostly found carrying his ware from one place to another like a bird perching from one tree-top to the next destination.

For a Jhal Muri preparation it’s so simple that as the thought crosses the mind, spend a couple of minutes and there you have it for self and others at home.

Jhal Muri Snack/Time Pass
Jhal Muri

Muri/Musmus/Puffed rice is the main ingredient
Mustard oil few drops, the pungent smell of the mustard oil wraps in the entire flavour.
Roasted peanuts
Green chillies chopped
Ginger finely chopped
Onion chopped finely
Potato chips or even some mixture added will enhance the taste.
When all are mixed, aha, what a taste!

Such a simple thing yet the evening cup of tea and jhal muri can make a good pair.

© gouri guha